Persuasive presentations that sell are no accident

they include audience research, narratives and functional design

Helping you tell the stories that matter

Most executives struggle with developing powerpoint presentations, we identify relevant stories and simplify complex information so that they can deliver clear, persuasive presentations that people understand and connect with.

HighSpark’s sole purpose is to empower leaders and change-makers like you to tell your stories in a way that establishes a genuine connection, delivers true value and inspires change in the ones who listen. If you’re looking for the guys to make your slides ‘pretty’, you’ve come to the wrong place, because we do much more than that.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can differentiate my business from the competition pitching for the same account?”
  • “How do I communicate my complex ideas to the audience?”
  • “How do I ensure that everyone speaking at our conference has the same core message?”
  • “I don’t have time to build presentations, what should I do?”

In our line of work, industry trailblazers come to us having lost sales contracts, high-stakes decisions, and attention despite having the best offerings around. What is going on exactly? The reason is simple: Their presentations ‘missed the mark’ and failed to persuade their audiences.

After serving clients including Fortune 500 companies from various industries, we started using our experience and proven methods to help cutting-edge organizations and individuals drive action through visual narratives by sharing best practices across industries.

Companies most often approach us for our presentation design and presentation design training services when they have a presentation that they simply cannot afford to take any risk with. Smart leaders understand that a successful persuasive presentation or conference involves much more than just beautiful slides, it demands:

  1. A carefully crafted story with the audience and company objectives in mind.
  2. Professional and functional visuals that boost credibility and elevate brands.
  3. Appropriate mediums of communication that are memorable and easy to understand.

You could  delegate it to your assistant, try to do it on your own, or you could entrust it to experts that have helped numerous other leaders like you to save time, money and headache. Busy leaders know that delegating such work last-minute to assistants is the quickest way to a presentation disaster. Your organization needs a solid communication strategy.

At HighSpark, we consider a gamut of factors when dealing with your high-stakes presentation so you’re covered on all fronts from the stakeholders that you’re addressing all the way to the anecdote you close your presentation with.

People behind it

Seeing clients and colleagues struggle to communicate effectively through presentations, Eugene & Kai Xin wanted to create a way for changemakers to tell their stories in a more powerful way. Hence, HighSpark was born.

As seen on:

Same-Same yet Different.

It’s true. We’re not the only presentation firm around. But hey, the good news is that makes us even more special. Hailing from Singapore, one of the smallest countries in Asia, we know a little something about how small things can make a huge impact. 

Here’s why clients choose us:

We’re industry-agnostic

No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s selling tech software to businesses or moving people across the world. We can help. Of course, we don’t pretend to ‘know’ your business from the get-go.

Our team goes the extra-mile to understand your offerings, goals and the industry-at-large before we propose any solution or strategy. Our storytelling techniques and design methodology employed allow you to captivate no matter what industry you’re in.

I was very pleased with their ability to communicate our key messages to the target audience that we provided them with.

Tom Russell
Founder, SeedAsia

We Create Presentations That Work

You came to us for a reason. You need an epic presentation to help you get what you need, whether it’s a sale or a decision. We get that.

Forget having disagreements over what color the font should be instead of what action the message should motivate. How it looks will never get in the way of how it should work.Our presentations look great but also work superbly well.

We never sacrifice clarity of your message for decoration. Remember, we’re business-people too.

Our entire team was very impressed by their work and have no doubt it will help us increase the value we bring to our customers.

Patrick Fei
Managing Director, BTS Asia

We genuinely care

We genuinely care about your results and go to great lengths to empower you. Our processes are highly iterative and we check back real often to make sure you get the product that you want.

No more worrying about whether you’re getting your money’s worth. We don’t stop till you’re satisfied and we take pride in your success.

We strive to help you sell your ideas, services and you the most effective way possible. The result: You look fantastic without breaking a sweat. We never compromise on quality, only on our sleep…

They are a joy to work with – very understanding, creative and efficient.

Julia Tan
Head of Marketing (Asia), MyNewsDesk

Let us help you ace your next presentation

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