Our Mission

Giving the best ideas the best chance of success

We support category leaders and those that aspire to be the best, to win.

Impact is non-negotiable.

Solving expensive communications challenges of market-leading brands for >7 years

A multi-million dollar moment they don’t want to risk

Losing customers because of unclear, misaligned messaging

Launching similar products in competitive environments

“If I could, I’d hire you guys to work in our company. They’ll challenge you for the better.”

Siva Shanker

Head of Marketing & Events, Prudential

“Their work has received great response and delivered ROI. They are high-quality and truly world class”

Parvez Ahmad

Global Marketing Lead, Oracle Financial Services

“They helped us secure a multi-million dollar project despite stiff competition.”

Jorge Rodriguez

Group Managing Director, Influential Brands

“I actually cannot offer any ways that they can improve their service. They are “rare” in the world of business suppliers and partners.”

Michael Johnson,
(Former) Regional VP, Graebel

An Award-Winning Team

“Youthful, Energetic, Sharp”

Made up of consultants and media professionals hailing from brands like Disney and Ogilvy, we regularly partner brands like Dentsu, Mastercard, Oracle to develop messaging that cuts through the noise and gets them the results they seek.

Our Leadership

Founding partners: Eugene and Kai Xin started the consultancy in their school’s canteen with $500 and pockets full of dreams.

Fast forward almost a decade later, the Singaporean firm has helped develop more than 500 powerful narratives for some of the world’s most admired brands and Fortune 100 companies, bringing in millions in value for their teams.

The duo were recently minted as Forbes30Under30 Asia honourees and have had their thought leadership and story published on more than 20 platforms including Lifehack, BusinessInsider, Forbes and more.

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Curious why clients choose us?

We Don’t ‘Guess’

The worst outcome is when you hire a professional that’s even more unsure than yourself. Our work and results are based off the science of storytelling baked into a unique process and method we use for every successful client project. We’re so confident it works, we even teach it in our training workshops.

We Deliver Again-and-Again

We’ve helped companies raise eight figures collectively and delivered millions more in value to blue-chip brands. It’s kind of the only reason we’re still in business. 

We’re Industry Agnostic

We clients from over 50 industries, ranging from Relocation all the way to industries like Blockchain. If you’re selling it, we’ve probably seen it before.

Become the obvious choice to your audience and customers

We’ll help you stand out in a sea of sameness, schedule a free call with our consultant

“They understand communication and specialise in the art of using less to say more…”

Sean Matthews, Former Head Of Branding & Consultancy Insights, Dentsu