Ace-Webinar Offer:

Clarify Your Business Story To Convince Stakeholders & Win New Clients: Strategy Call

Limited FREE 30-min calls to get ‘unstuck’ with specific feedback category-leading brands use to win consistently. Not just a sales pitch. Slots are limited)

This works best for:

✅ MNC Sales & Marketing Director/Managers

✅ Venture-backed Startup Founders

✅ Businesses that sell high-ticket B2B solutions


Seeking to:

✅ Turn more proposals into agreements at a higher rate with existing leads

✅ Stand out from others in a competitive market environment

✅ Align sales and marketing teams on one key story to introduce and sell company solutions

✅ Raise funding in a low-valuation climate with price-sensitive investors


During this strategy call you’ll discover…

? Your Hidden Blindspots & Mistakes

We’ll point out the blindspots and mistakes you’re making based on our experience working with #1 market leaders so you can focus on fixing them


?What The Best Are Doing

We’ll share anecdotes and case studies on how our clients overcame the same challenges you’re now facing that led to standing ovations, million-dollar deals and rapid promotions


?What To Do Next

Based on what we find from the info you provide, you’ll get tailored, actionable tips you can immediately apply to make your messaging irresistible and persuasive, taking you one-step closer to winning

“They helped us put together a solid pitch to secure a multi-million dollar project despite stiff competition. Their approach is unique and their ability to unlock a business’s full potential is admirable.”

Jorge Rodriguez

Group MD, Influential Brands, (Former International BD Director @ Shilla Travel Retail)

“Their insights even impressed our team of veteran marketers and entrepreneurs…We went ahead to raise $1.5Million in funds for our product.”

Alvin Soo

Chief Of Marketing @ Liv3ly, (Formerly Head Of Marketing @ Nike Singapore)

“They helped us think outside the box and come up with something creative. The feedback from my peers was fantastic”

Tina doran

Vice President @ Mastercard

“There was a consensus between the audience of senior directors that it was one of the best presentations they’ve ever sat through and I have HighSpark to thank for being part of that process.”
Choong Chee Huei

Supplier Management Director @ Tetrapak

“The work created with them have received great response and delivered ROI. They are high-quality and truly world class. I’d recommend them highly to anyone with a marketing and corporate communication challenge”

Parvez Ahmad

Global Marketing Lead, Financial services @ Oracle, (Former Director, Financial Services Marketing)

Do NOT apply if this DOES NOT describe you:

  • You have a truly valuable idea, product or service that will help people (we can’t help bad ideas succeed)
  • You have existing customers and a validated solution (we help validated ideas best)
  • You understand results take time and commitment to achieve (no ‘instant get-rich quick’ schemes here)
  • The outcomes are important to you and your company (it only works if you have skin-in-the-game)
  • You are open-minded to change and new ideas proven to work (change for better only happens if you let it)

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