June Highlights: Resources to help you emerge stronger from tough times

The climate is uncertain right now and there is an urgent need to equip teams with skills that can help them conquer the challenges ahead.

If you want to emerge stronger from the challenging times, you won’t want to miss the highlights from last month. And you should definitely consider some solutions that can help build stronger teams, get more business, and prepare for what lies ahead.

1. The best learning modality – offline or online?

Ever since the circuit breaker, we have been innovating and reinventing learning experiences to offer more value to our clients than before!

We’ve successfully run numerous soft-skills programmes online in different learning modalities – virtual, blended, self-paced, on different platforms. The responses have been great!

Is online learning more effective?

The hands on and the self pace learning really helps! It makes learning easier and we can concentrate better.

- Yan Cheng

Learner of Storytelling Blended Learning over 1 week

Sessions are fun, engaging and learners gain applicable take-aways for their respective professions.

- Charlene Lim

Learner of 4-hour virtual sesions of Data Storytelling & Visual presentation

Based on results for one of our long-term client, the ratings for blended learning (a.k.a virtual run) were higher than traditional classroom training.

Post workshop response 1

Should Blended Learning be the new normal?

It depends. Blended learning might not always work for all learners.
The same goes for classroom training. Here are two different insights gathered from two different runs for separate organisation.

stats 1

What does this mean? There is no one size that fits all. We cannot expect training to be effective with a blanket approach or cookie-cutter solution. The disruption caused by Covid-19 has open up opportunities for us to ask this essential question – “which mode of learning works best for you?”

What if L&D can offer the best learning solution to the right learners and at the same time maximise the return of investment? Is it possible? Yes it is. You can speak to us to discuss how can optimise your training and achieve cost savings.

2. The must-have skills to survive the oncoming recession

There’s more pressure for teams to contribute to the bottomline, especially the sales and marketing team. We’ve recently partner Thriving Talent, an award-winning Malaysia training provider to bring their successful online programmes to you.

New Virtual training programmes

Turn crisis into conversation

Best for sales team:

This programme will explore proven strategies & frameworks in getting sales professionals to help their customers turn crisis into opportunities. Understand the criteria of becoming a trusted authority, apply the ‘6 hot buttons that turn customers on, and uncover the 4 human brain chemicals that naturally get customers to say “YES!”.

Developing a virtual team

Best for all teams:

Uncover the structure & strategy to boost motivation and productivity of your remote teams. Learn how teams can reclaim their time, get more done while achieving more work-life-balance!

Success stories

Setia Michael 1

Programme: Sales Leaders Motivating Sales Teams

Trainer: Michael Teoh

Format: 2 Days Blended-Workshop + 3 Virtual Learning Sessions 

Learners’ profile: Group & Property Teams

The training workshop is informative and fun. I find the concepts of The Pitch, 2 Cornerstones and Digital Trust useful. Thank you for helping me to overcome my nervousness when presenting in front of the professional members.

Lim Hui Ying

SP Setia Malaysia

HighSpark is now an
Exclusive Partner of Thriving Talent 

Michael Teoh
Michael testimonial
Testimonial Schindler

3. How to win more business in times of Covid-19

How to Covid-proof your brand message and sales pitch

We did a collaboration with Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Singapore. In the 45-minute Kopi-chat, I addressed the following questions from the participations: 

1. Should one focus more on emotional selling during COVID days? 

2. Will giving freebies help businesses establish their brand message?

3. How can businesses attract the right target audiences in this period?

And I talked about the components one must weave into any business narrative during Covid-19 period:

(a) Relevance  (b) Risk  (c) Reward

4. How to organise a high-impact soft-skills training online

High impact training

In 90 minutes, we covered lots of learning to help L&D managers succeed:

1. Identify the most effective mode of online learning that fulfils your team’s unique L&D needs.

Explore the top 3 online learning formats and solutions that are easy to implement and will not break the bank.


2. Implement measures to ensure learning outcomes are achieved.

Uncover tips on what should be done before, during and after online learning is conducted or implemented.


3. Understand skills required to engage learners virtually and facilitate learning.(it’s not about quizzes and polls)

Learn to prepare your trainers to sustain attention, and increase engagement and impact.

Thanks for conducting this webinar! Really appreciate the effort to conduct Q&A sessions.  I think the framework that you gave during the session is also very applicable to the L&D initiatives my company is trying to implement. Love your enthusiasm and voice throughout the webinar too 🙂 



This webinar has been pretty insightful. Although I’m not from the HR nor L&D functions, I believe that such learning styles are here to stay.



We gain happiness by giving

Lately, I’ve been doing some deeeeep reflection on life. Some friends and clients I know have lost their jobs. Many are living in fear and uncertainty. “Recession is approaching”, echoed many.

In the midst of chaos and fear mongering, I also see love, compassion and kindness. I personally have not experienced any financial crisis. While I’m unsure of what lies ahead, I am certain that I will choose to give more and serve more in order to help others rise above adversities.

So the commitment from my team and me is to do our best to add more value. No selling, just serving.

In the next few months, we’ll be rolling out more initiatives to support our clients and spread joy. If you have any suggestions on how we can add value, do drop me a message at kaixin@highspark.co. 


And my call to action to you: Do a kind act today 🙂 

Ready to help your team thrive in tough times?

Client-exclusive Solutions

We’ve rolled out a few new solutions to help learners turn knowledge into skills. Past clients are entitled to these at no additional cost. Drop us a message below – “Hi team, I’d like to gain access to the client-exclusive solutions. Can you share them with me?” and hit the orange button below.

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