Stories That Stick is a business storytelling training workshop for organisations that want to enable their teams to better use personal narratives to and anecdotes to be remembered, sell ideas, build engagement and drive action.

No one likes to feel sold to, yet we’re all in the business of selling something: an idea, product, service or even ourselves. Modern executives and leaders need to begin connecting with their prospects, partners and teams at the workplace using the visceral, human appeal of stories; stories that help establish common ground, allay fears and inspire change.

The Stories That Stick workshop educates teams on how to harness the potential of effective storytelling techniques to influence, engage and inspire.

“Clearly points out the most effective way of telling stories. A paradigm shift from trying to SELL a product to getting customers to BUY a product and from compelling customers to say YES to making it impossible for them to say NO.”

Peggy Pranata

Category Manager, Symrise APAC

The curriculum includes:

  • Elements of a good story
  • The different mediums of storytelling
  • How to cater stories for different audiences
  • Different types of stories
  • How to tell stories that are clear, compelling and convincing
  • Re-usable stories, parables and anecdotes
  • Where to find stories
stories that stick example

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Detach yourself from the podium and learn instead how to connect with fellow human beings on a personal level with effective stories that stick.

Who is it for?

The ability to tell relevant and compelling stories is important in any corporate workplace setting. It helps brand champions to build valuable relationships, communicate clearly and to drive positive change in your organisation. This business storytelling training is recommended for sales professionals, leaders and anyone who wants to present their story better.

Learning Objectives

The Stories That Stick workshop focuses on imparting skills that participants can put into practice straightaway and achieve these objectives:

Be Understood and Get Your Message Across

Learn to frame your messages in a way that people get what you’re saying and resonate.

Tell Persuasive Stories

Get your audience to take a step towards the objective. Learn to convert your messaging into action.

Increase Retention

Boring, lacklustre presentations are always forgotten. Learn how to tell memorable stories that stick.

Can you come down to our office to do the training?

Yes, we can send our trainer(s) down to your venue. For technical training, we’ll require a working projector for your staff to practice.

Is your programme customisable to our organization?

Please contact us separately for customized programme rates.

Do I need to bring my computer?

You won’t be needing your computer as the program will be run utilizing everyday office stationery like sticky-notes and markers. The aim of the workshop is to impart an ‘approach’ to storytelling with or without technology.

How many people does this workshop take?

We recommend maximum 30 pax to accommodate to small to medium-sized groups of 4-5 to ensure smooth flow of group exercises and adequate personal attention from the facilitators.

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