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Frequently Asked Questions

where are most of your team members based?
Most of our team members are based in Sunny Singapore in the GMT+8 Timezone. (Just so you’ll know when to call us and get a response)
How quickly can you help me with my work?
It depends on various factors including: the type of project, number of stakeholders, amount of existing information available and more. Minimum timelines tend to take at least 2-4 weeks and can span longer up to months if it’s campaign-related work. You can speak to a consultant to get a better estimation.
What is your process like?
We always focus on the goals and outcomes clients want to achieve before ever starting work. We separate noise from signal, study your audience and create communications based on fact and insights instead of just making things ‘look pretty’.
What do your fees start from?

Consulting engagements typically start from SGD15,000 on average while training engagements begin from SGD8,000 a day depending on a variety of other factors. The best way to get an accurate estimation is to provide as much information as possible about your challenges and needs so we can propose ways we can help.

What kind of mediums have you dealt with?

For consulting/agency work, we’ve done high-stakes pitches, keynotes, digital presences, branding strategy , campaigns and more. Visit to learn more.

Do you take work internationally?

We collaborate and work with clients globally regardless of where they are from.


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