Essential Communication Skills Training For Executives

Up-skill executives with our corporate training courses to grow your career and business

Corporate communication courses that bring massive benefit, regardless of role

Engineers & Scientists

Simplify complex concepts

Sales reps & Marketers

Secure more business

Leaders & Managers

Influence & inspire

Corporate Executives

Win buy-in internally

Venture Fundraising

Convince Investors

Turn skeptical investors into converts that open their chequebooks.

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Internal Pitches

Win Internal Buy-In

Get ideas accepted and decisions made without endless back-and-forth

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“They’ve given us a perspective I haven’t seen before in my 7 years working here. You won’t be disappointed!”


Astrid Triwahyuni,
Strategic Plan & PDCA
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“One of the most brilliant things is that you work on your actual, not hypothetical story, so you can immediately see the impact (of the course)”

Marketing Director


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“It not only shed a lot of light on how to make more persuasive presentation, but also grows my self awareness
about how I present”

Product Manager


Venture Fundraising

Convince Investors

Turn skeptical investors into converts that open their chequebooks.

“Insert Quote and Testimonials here.”
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Internal Pitches

Win Internal Buy-In

Get ideas accepted and decisions made without endless back-and-forth

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Gain an unfair advantage with high impact communication skills workshops

Our courses cover almost any communication scenario you may encounter. Arm yourself with the right skills to win at work 

Arm yourself with the right skills corporate training

Virtual Soft-Skills Training

Want to help learners upskill even when you can’t organise a live training? Our new virtual soft-skills courses keep learners engaged and ensure that learning outcomes are achieved.

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Public Speaking Training

Research showed that Verbal Communication was ranked as one of the most valued skills at the workplace. Empower your team to shine in corporate settings.

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Negotiation Training

Do your teams find themselves on the losing end of day-to-day negotiations? Ensure your executives are equipped with the right techniques to get to ‘yes’ without spoiling the professional relationship.

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Presentation Skills Training

We teach proven approaches that enable your teams to develop persuasive presentations that get results, faster by enhancing their presentation content and design.

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Sales Training

Empower sales teams with modern techniques to keep them relevant in the ever-changing world of selling. Learn storytelling techniques, NLP and speech hacks to raise your closing rate.

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Team Building Training

Boost your team’s productivity, increase their loyalty and empower a more effective team overall. Learn how to manage different personalities and drive success with collaboration.

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learning corporate communication training courses
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“The skills they (doctors) have taken away are outstanding!”

Sam Lambooy
APAC Education Manager

We teach for application, not tests

No cookie-cutter programs here. 

Our corporate training courses are customised, leveraging science-backed methodologies and frameworks to meet your learner’s needs.


Learner Needs Focused

Planning for any workshop begins with surveys and interviews to adapt content to learners, providing maximum value


Contextual Case Examples

Customised case studies means incentivised learners can more quickly apply immediately after training


Post-Session Reviews & Follow-Ups

Learning does not end after workshops. We follow-up closely with learners and provide avenues for continuous learning and feedback

Workshops are available in various lengths and formats, online & offline


Live Lessons

Sessions can be held at a live venue with safety measures in place along with interactive activities for better retention and engagement


Blended Learning

Combining virtual self-paced learning modules with customised training from our instructors trained in conducting courses via video


1-1 Coaching

For specialised requirements or advisory needed to achieve specific outcomes, personal coaching sessions with instructors will be arranged for best results

Workshop styles corporate course

Why choose Highspark’s corporate training?


Selecting the right corporate training course provider can be frustrating and confusing experience.

With Highspark, we focus on your experience as a coordinator along with ensuring learners get the best value for time spent.


collage corporate training highspark
Clear training objectives

Corporate training is not meant to function as a ‘one-size-fits-all’. Trainers should customize 20% of programs to fit to each organization’s unique requirements. Whether it’s public speaking or sales training, we ensure you get relevant examples.

Stringent criteria for expert trainers

Does your corporate training provider simply list the services of every trainer with a heartbeat? Then you can be sure that you might not be getting the very best trainers. Here we vet trainers vigorously before inviting them as partners.

Holistic program mindset

There will be instances where you’d like your team to be able to learn from multiple experts from a single corporate training provider. We ensure all our trainers are T-Shaped experts that can pick up from another trainer’s previous training.

Proven track record

Our corporate trainers have trained thousands collectively to perform at a high-level with more than 90% satisfaction rate. Let your team experience the same growth.

Speak to a training consultant today.

Schedule a free call with our consultants to help you figure out which corporate training best fits your needs.

Corporate Training F.A.Q.

Common Questions

Why do they need customisation?

This is so they’ll be able to contextualise training specific to your organisation to ensure your learners get the best takeaways from your corporate training investment.

How big are the class sizes?

We typically recommend between 12 to max 20 pax to ensure adequate personal attention for each learner/group.

Who are your trainers?

Our corporate trainers individually have at minimum between 5-10 years of experience training for top organisations in their area of expertise. We’ve field-tested each of their programs in various industries and can offer best practices to your teams. Some of our trainers have also been featured on top news outlets like the Straits Times, CNA, Forbes and more.

Do you hold public classes?

For now, we only do pre-arranged corporate runs with a minimum engagement size. In future we may offer public runs so stay tuned!

What can we expect from our training investment?

Not only will you get a customised program coupled with insights for each of your learners. All workshops also come with learning materials and digital workbooks to ensure learning continues beyond the classroom.

What if we can't confirm the participants till days before actual training?

We will estimate learner group sizes and quote a fixed rate with optional add-on participants to ensure you won’t have any surprises on your bill.

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