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We help you craft memorable corporate event presentation experiences through messaging strategies and visual design.
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It’s not just another ‘meeting’

Your conference or corporate event is an opportunity to strengthen your important relationships, get people excited and renew confidence in your brand. Problem is… it’s notoriously difficult to get the messaging and theme right for your event. This results in a listless audience and low morale.

Venue, date, guest list…check! But what’s your message?

You’ve invested a lot into this event, but are you clear on what’s the purpose and your core messaging? We help you to establish a clear messaging strategy which translates into visual experiences in forms of multimedia, collateral and other assets for your event.

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Event Messaging and Strategy

A sound messaging strategy is the bedrock of any successful event. A single, consistent message geared towards your audience ensures they obtain greater value and increased engagement.

Keynote and breakout sessions for conferences

Keynote Speeches & Breakout Sessions

Keynote speeches are opportunites to excite and inspire action in all your stakeholders at once. We help to ensure consistent messaging and smooth transition between speakers. Presentations for breakout sessions are enhanced for clarity and adherence to the event’s visual style.

presentation visual systems for conferences and events

Presentation and Visual Systems

Consistent visual communications are crucial to ensure cohesiveness during your event. HighSpark develops impressive presentation and visual systems that help your team manage visual assets easily.

onsite help for conference presentations

On-Site Presentation Support

For the last-minute changes and those unforeseen story tweaks, HighSpark’s on-site team coordinates with your A/V Team to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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Within this FREE resource, we demystify the process behind some of our most successful client conference presentations and how we helped them to deliver their ‘dream presentation’ on the big stage.

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“There was no way we could have pulled this off without the team! Despite short timelines, they were wonderful people to work with and went above and beyond what they owed to us. The work we’ve accomplished in the last couple of months will impact the company for the better part of the following year – and maybe even beyond.”

Koh Zhifeng

Senior Product Manager, V-Key

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Let us help you make your next corporate event one that’ll have your audience talking about it long after it’s over.