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and other Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of presentations do you guys do?

What kinds can you think of? Common uses for our presentation design services include: Conference Presentations, Sales Kits, Management Proposals, Pitch Decks, Slide Docs. We’re really active on SlideShare and also help companies with their SlideShares ( we wrote a book on it too ).

You guys ‘just design slides’ right?

Referring to what we do as ‘just slides’ is an understatement.We don’t just ‘make things pretty’. Our clients come to us to help tell their brand stories in a more powerful way; to sell their ideas, offerings or themselves. We deliver on that promise and the results look fantastic as well. 

Do you guys do infographics or motion graphic work?

Our agency specialises specifically in creating epic presentations and consulting on business storytelling for leaders who want to make an impact. Infographic design happens to also be a service we offer. We do however have agency partners whom we often collaborate with that do provide other complementary services, just ask! 

What information do you need to give my company a quote?

We consider a variety of factors before giving you an accurate quotation. These include ( but is not limited to ): complexity of your content, whether you have an existing storyline, complexity of design expected, turn-around time, length of presentation, consultation requirements, add-on options.

The quickest way to get an estimate is to send over your existing deck(s), tell us the length and deadline of your presentation and samples of what you hope to achieve. Otherwise we can chat about the details over a call.

What’s the average time you guys take to create a presentation from scratch?

Good question. The average lead time for a good presentation takes about 2 weeks so we get to fully understand your business and its ethos. The process of Research, Storyboarding, Theme Creation and Drafting can take anywhere between 40-60 hours.

Do you guys use Prezi or [insert unconventional presentation software]?

We’re best at Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint. In our opinion, the medium hardly makes a difference if the messaging is flawed. Inexperienced usage ( especially in Prezi ) can lead to disastrous results, leaving your audiences annoyed. We stick to the industry standards that work on almost all projectors, predictably and professionally.

Do you work with overseas clients?

Our team is based in Singapore but we regularly work with clients outside our borders. We use Skype, Google Hangout and other web apps to communicate.

I need help to make sure my presentation(s) work during my on-stage presentation, do you provide on-site support?

We take great care in ensuring the compatibility of your presentation files to your computer or projection device, but as with all technology, things sometimes don’t go as planned. If it gives you added assurance to have presentation-tech support during your on-stage presentation, we offer an add-on with negligible fees (includes transport fees) to have someone present at your event.

More Questions?

Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you!