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Immediate Benefits You Get:

A clear roadmap to secure funding regardless of how complex your product offering is.

Free up weeks spent on painful deck planning to focus on your business instead


Real-life, non-generic examples of startups across industries to help you apply instantly


A series of thought-out guiding questions that help you ‘read the minds’ of investors


Full confidence that you’ve fully included all crucial elements to make or break your pitch


Storytelling formulas to help you develop investor storylines that secure meetings

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Our Strategy That’s Helped Startups Raise Millions,
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“…Funding round oversubscribed with big-name investors…”the pitch is 100 times better now”…

“We began putting together our first investor pitch for a 7-digit fundraising a couple of months back. Let’s just say, none of them were biting and some even looked confused..but we didn’t know why.

The HighSpark team came back with all the right words, explaining our business so clearly.

We saw our funding round oversubscribed with big-name investors. One investor even remarked: ”the pitch is 100 times better now”

Logan T.

CEO, Co-founder,

“…contributed to our successful fundraising efforts of securing 1.6 mil…”

“We had the content in our mind, but we needed an expert to help us structure our message clearly.

HighSpark re-framed our business and left us deeply impressed. They took time to understand our business and helped us communicate what was unique about our story. The results, in the end, spoke for itself. The team did an amazing job overall, which contributed to our successful fundraising efforts of securing $1.6 mil.

We will definitely engage Highspark again! – I would recommend them any day!”

Wayne Goh

CCO, Co-founder, Glife

“…able to design a narrative about Blockchain to be simple, persuasive and elegant, and if they were able to do that, they can do anything…”

“The only team I’d trust to deliver pitches on high standards is the team at HighSpark. I’m confident to say that the HighSpark team members are the best in their craft – I have never once been disappointed by their quality, delivery, or their consistency.

I have witnessed how they were able to design a narrative about Blockchain to be simple, persuasive and elegant, and if they were able to do that, they can do anything.”

Christel Quek

Co-founder, bolt , (FORBES 30 UNDER 30 ALUMNI)

The team behind the framework

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HighSpark is a strategic presentation consultancy in Singapore that’s helps startups and Fortune 500 companies to communicate more powerfully using our unique approach.

$80+ Million Funding Secured For Startups

Success Across 50+ Industries (Fintech, Cyber-Security, Relocation and so much more)

Co-Founders or/and Company featured on Entrepreneur, e27, Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Duct Tape Marketing, Straits Times, Business Insider, MSN & more!

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