Leadership Training

Better leaders aren't born, they are made.

What is Leadership Training

Imagine for a moment the future of the workplace: a space where employees support each other, an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, communication; it is a place where every single person is empowered to be the best versions of themselves. Leadership is at the very foundation on which all of this is built and created.

Why Leadership Training

Globally, 13% of employees are engaged. In Asia, that number goes down to 6%. Most people believe that success is achieved first and then at some point in time, happiness will follow. The truth is it’s the reverse: turn’s out, there is an inextricable link between motivation, productivity, success which undeniably relies on employees being happy first. Good leadership creates change. Great leadership creates long-lasting success.

Our Difference

Using the WITH vs AT method, a two-way interactive training model is employed. Participants will learn in a hands-on, innovative, collaborative “learning lab,” where they will learn by doing, and effortlessly retain everything that they have learned. Furthermore, in her training, Kyla facilitates with the 8Es such that clients leave her sessions feeling more: Energetic, Enthusiastic, Elated, Empathetic, Empowered, Engaged, Excited, and Embraced.

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Trainer: Kyla Mitsunaga

Kyla is the founder and creator of WITH vs AT, a TED speaker, an award-winning professor, and gives workshops around the world on Happiness, Global Leadership, and Teacher Training. She received her first teaching award at Harvard, where she realized her true calling in life. She has often been described as a “Passionate, positive, and inspiring speaker.” Kyla is in the business of changing lives by empowering those who cross her path. Kyla has formerly worked with clients from Chevron, Samsung, Marc Jacobs, and Westin Chosun Hotel. 

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Course #1:

LEARN to Lead

Bridge the gap between what you learned in undergraduate with your work life and thrive.

Course Description
Most employers report that their new hires are sorely under-prepared for the demands of the workplace. Indeed there is a large gap between what university students are learning compared with what is expected of them once they actually begin working.

In this day and age of tweets, texts, chats, it may seem as if we communicate a lot more than we actually do. In reality, much is lost in the day-to-day back and forth. In fact, miscommunication often leads to misunderstanding, mistakes, misinterpretation, and other misses.

In this course, new hires will LEARN to overcome miscommunication hurdles with the agility of an Olympic athlete. Every great athlete started somewhere, and every athlete needed to practice in order to get better. Think Usain Bolt. Think Michael Phelps. Think Kim Yuna.

Who is it for?
Perfect for new hires that have just started a new job, are transitioning into a new position.
Course Includes:
•Office 101 Communication Tools
•Office Politics: To Play or Not to Play
•Crisis Management
•Negotiation Skillz (Yes, it is purposefully spelt with a “z”)
•Role Plays
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Course #2:

LEAP to Lead

Be able to have the confidence to not only thrive but ask for and get the promotion you deserve.

Course Description
You know that expression “Look before you leap”? Well, it should have been, “Learn before you leap!” Whether you are about to skydive from an airplane, bungee jump into a canyon, or go zip lining into a canopy of trees, you have to learn a thing or two before you actually take that leap of faith, right?

Most on the job training takes place within the first six months. However, employees who want to grow and stay with a company want to be able to continue their professional development. There are ways you can help your mid-level employees shine and help your company move forward with their very own talent. Moreover, you can keep retention rates high.

In this course, participants will learn to LEAP with confidence and courage, such that they can not only grow professionally but also help others around them in the process.

Who is it for?
For mid-level employees who want to develop more professionally (Middle-Level Training)
Course Includes:
• SWOT Analysis

• Brain Dominance

• EQ+CQ Skills

• Identifying and using resources

• Professional Development

• Role Plays

• Simulations

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Course #3:

LEAD: Effectively Managing Teams

Be able to become the best leader possible, continue to thrive, but also inspire your team to greatness. 

Course Description

Leading is truly an art form. Something people rarely think about until they actually have to commit to this invaluable act. People are not usually given formal training on how to lead, but deep down everyone knows what makes a good leader great.

Within all of us is the ability to not only become better human-beings, better leaders, but also change the course of the lives of people we come in contact with on a daily basis.

In this course, you will learn to LEAD with passion, curiosity, kindness, and humility, such that you will inspire your team to greatness and in turn, they will aspire to be the kind of leader you will become.

Who is it for?
Great for senior-level executives that manage numerous employees.
Course Includes:
• Leadership 101

• Self-regulated learning

• LEAD vs LEADer

• How to manage people effectively

• Structuring the work experience

• Training + Supervising

• Group management skills

• Goal Setting + Goal Getting

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Hands-on Activities

Imbue your team with the right skills that they can apply at the workplace immediately. No big grandoise theories, only actionable know-how.
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Customized Programmes

Three different programmes for workers at different stages of their careers to ensure visible benefit in the shortest amount of time.
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Soft-Skill Focused

Being a leader goes beyond technical knowledge and mental models. Learners will enhance their soft-skills through simulations and role-playing.

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