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What is Negotiation Training?

Negotiation training helps enable executives to get the upper-hand in everyday situations at work and in their personal lives when dealing with situations where there is an element of discussion before a deal is made. Especially in a corporate setting, negotiation training is meant to inculcate a mindset of avoiding zero-sum games and creating trusting relationships to attain win-win agreements in various situations and scenarios.

Why Negotiation Training?

As the adage goes: ‘you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate’. In corporate environments the ability to negotiate is even more sought after as it enables executives in areas such as deal-making, meandering general social settings and even has benefits for salespeople too. For example, a salary.com survey found that 87% of people are either sometimes or always apprehensive about salary negotiations. They also found 32% to be fearful of negotiating. By having executives undergo negotiation training, they’ll be equipped with techniques and methods to get what they want from negotiations, but at the same time avoid looking pushy and domineering.

Our Difference

At HighSpark, our trainers bring years of negotiation experience to the training room and promote the ethos of always seeking the best outcome in negotiations for both parties. We teach modern methods to address challenging impasses and social situations to enable course attendees to maintain their professional relationships but at the same time get a better deal off the table.
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Negotiation Trainer: David King

David King brings to the training room more than 10 years of experience working directly with Fortune 500 companies in the competitive MedTech space. During his time in corporate, he had successfully negotiated sizeable deals with ease and subsequently shared his experience with others in his training career. Till date, he has trained and coached more than 2,000 professionals in areas such as sales and persuasion with clients such as Prudential, AIA and more. David is also a certified D.I.S.C Profiling expert and ACTA certified trainer.

Negotiation Trainer: Paul Falzon

Paul has over 20 year’s experience in education and training and eight years’ experience teaching public speaking subjects at one of the world’s top ten communication schools. As a trainer, Paul specialises in soft skills courses, such as Persuasive Speaking and Enhancing Innovation in the workplace. Clients include: BP, Barclays, Shell, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, California Fitness and more.
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Featured Negotiation Class:

Persuasive Negotiations

Want to learn proven tips and tricks of getting prospects, co-workers and potential clients on board? Learn how you can start getting people to say “yes” to your asks with our Persuasive Negotiations program for executives. You’ll learn negotiation techniques and approaches that will change the way you approach any negotiation for the better

Course Description
This program prepares professionals with the right tools to respond confidently, strategically and maintain a clear objective to win in complex transactions. It unpacks key elements of negotiation which combines technical skills such as using negotiation frameworks, social persuasion skills adapted from 7 factors of persuasion by Robert Cialdini and soft skills such as reading non-verbal feedback and verbal communication strategies. Adding to the above, a key segment of this program takes the participants through a process of learning about their communication style through a behavioral profiling tool, through which participants will also learn how to apply that knowledge to effectively identify and communicate in the style of their prospects. Participants will be given the opportunity to practice using these techniques and strategies during the session under different given negotiation scenarios and challenges. A debrief summary will be conducted at different intervals for questions and coaching. This program promises to be highly interactive, utilizing a combination of didactic and experiential learning to bring out key learning points that make the classroom learning relevant, memorable and transferable.
Who is it for?
Managers, Buyers, Sales Executives and Procurement teams.
Course Includes:
  • How to confidently and effectively communicate with different personality types and decision makers from different levels of the corporate ladder
  • How to handle difficult stakeholders
  • Use the P.L.A.Y methodology in negotiation
  • 5 key things to avoid in a Negotiation
  • How to negotiate a profitable deal when everyone else is offering less
Program Outline
  • Introduction and application of Negotiation Framework
  • Personality Profiling to understand yours’ and your prospect’s preferred communication style
  • Understand how to identify and work with opposite personalities
  • Tools to simplify content
  • Applying 7 persuasive methods to influence your prospects’ decision
  • Techniques to frame a leading question that works in your favour
  • Awareness intelligence – interpreting non-verbal feedback
  • Practice framework under different scenarios
  • Practice framework with different personalities
  • Top 5 things to avoid during a negotiation that to prevent negative future repercussions
  • Reflection and feedback
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Win more business at better rates

For companies highly dependant on a healthy bottomline, negotiation skills become very important. Our courses teach participants to manage various scenarios by using role playing exercises to inculcate negotiation techniques.

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Manage expectations of stakeholders to exceed them easily

When working with multiple stakeholders, it can be difficult to manage expectations to maintain the state of professional relationships. In our negotiation skills course, attendees will learn to identify personas and how to deal with them in different ways.
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Ask the right questions to get leverage

Having and utilising the right information is key to successful negotiations. Our negotiation skills course equips executives with tried-and-tested questioning approaches to extract the right information to bolster any negotiation position.
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Avoid common negotiation pitfalls for successful deal-making

Sometimes, showing your hand too early can botch a negotiation situation. Our negotiation workshop helps participants become aware of common pitfalls so that they can avoid these instances to boost their deal-making opportunities.

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More than a thousand sales professionals have benefited from our sales training courses

“David is very passionate at what he does. He helped me refine and made the presentation for my distributer interesting and engaging.”
Jack Mak

Marketing Professional, Motul

“My speech went really well. The feedback I received was that it was inspiring, motivational, simple but delivered powerfully. Thank you for your help – Hin”
Gan Leong Hin

CEO, Prudential Malaysia

“The program combines narrative, pitch & sales and its an important aspect of business development”

Regional Business Development Director

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