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Who do we help best?

We help these people:

VC-Backed Startup Founders

In charge of the brand story and messaging toward customers and investors. Setting the vision to take the company to the next level


Sales / Business Development Directors

Responsible for driving new business for the company


Marketing Directors & Manager

Making high-stakes decisions on how to speak about the company to internal and external stakeholders

To achieve these outcomes:

Stand out in a crowded market

Differentiate products to attract better customers in competitive environments


Pitch for and win high-ticket deals

Persuade skeptical stakeholders to buy into high-stakes decisions or offerings


Successfully raise venture capital

Get investors to write multi-million dollar cheques to accelerate business growth


What our partners* say about us:

(Others refer to them as ‘clients’)


Writing a recommendation for HighSpark is effortless. They consistently exceed the highest expectations I have on pitch decks and elegant narratives. Anyone who knows me will know that I am a Keynote/PPT purist, and the only team I’d trust to deliver on these standards is the team at HighSpark. After working with them on a number of occasions, I’m confident to say that the HighSpark team members are the best in their craft – I have never once been disappointed by their quality, delivery, or their consistency. I have witnessed how they were able to design a narrative about Blockchain to be simple, persuasive and elegant, and if they were able to do that, they can do anything.

Christel Quek

CCO, Bolt Global, Forbes 30Under30, Raised $12M

“They are customer-obsessed and collaborative. We continue to get great results working with them and I’d say the value we get is always 7-figures or more every time.”

Bryan Lee

Country Manager, Glints VN, Eight Figure Startup Raised from 500Startups, Monk's Hill & more

“The challenge before engaging with HighSpark was to make sense out of a business that we know by heart. Translating this into a story that can be told. With HighSpark, we’ve been able to construct that story and have a flow that is coherent and engaging. I highly recommend the coaching because it really enables you to discover a different side of yourself and that should benefit anybody who speaks in public about their business.”

Julian Le Noble

Founder @ Smartfolios, Acquired by Finantix

They are extremely smart, able to hone in on the important parts even without having any background on the topic and best of all.

They helped us improve our pitch deck exponentially.

Would highly recommend working with HighSpark if you need any help in mastering your communication materials, creating a pitch deck or anything involving crafting a persuasive and engaging message for your audience.

Cynthia Huang

CEO, AltCoin Fantasy

“We needed to prepare investor materials for an upcoming pitch and reached out to the HighSpark team on a strong recommendation. We were looking for experts in the area to guide us along the process of positioning our company’s story better.

The team took an unfamiliar and relative vague brief and turned around a solid narrative in record time. Even our team of veteran marketers and entrepreneurs were pleased with the quality. Using the output, we went ahead to raise 1.5Million in funds for our product. I’m glad we found a partner we could rely on to help us look and sound our best.”

Alvin Soo

Chief Of Marketing @ Liv3ly, (Formerly Head Of Marketing @ Nike Singapore)

“We engaged HighSpark to help with our seed-round pitch deck. We recognized that having a very concise and visually appealing deck could improve our presentation to stakeholders and investors. We had the content in our mind, but we needed an expert to help us structure our message clearly.

HighSpark re-framed our business and left us deeply impressed. They took time to understand our business and helped us communicate what was unique about our story.The results, in the end, spoke for itself. The team did an amazing job overall, which contributed to our successful fundraising efforts of securing $1.6 mil.

Wayne Goh

CCO, Glife, Funded by investors like Quest Ventures

We began putting together our first investor pitch for a 7-digit fundraise a couple of months back. Let’s just say, none of them were biting and some even looked confused..but we didn’t know why.

We went to Eugene with the ideas that we had difficulty piecing together and he just came back with all the right words, explaining our business so clearly. It was almost like he was a partner working in our company for some time!

We saw our funding round oversubscribed with big-name investors and I’d say he played a big part in our success. One investor even remarked: ”the pitch is 100 times better now” In fact, our team and investors were so impressed with the output that it was a no-brainer to re-engage them to develop our sales and marketing materials

Logan Tan

CEO, Eezee, Fundraised 7-figure sum from Insignia Ventures

“We had an opportunity to work with the team for a presentation to a high-powered global panel. While our team was already very experienced in presentations, they worked with us to build an impactful story with beautiful visuals that we were able to deliver in a short amount of time. It was a pleasure working with them and I look forward to continuing to partner with HighSpark moving forward.”

Joseph Gan

CEO, V-Key, Eight-Figure Startup Funded by Alibaba's Ant-Financial

“They weren’t just ‘designers’, they actually knew how to tell stories around our startup. Having worked with a number of agencies I can safely say that HighSpark is one of the best, if not the best among them.”
Michael Tan

Founder @ Zap.Delivery, Raised $1.6M in Series A

“It’s like one of those ad agencies made an ad for every page of our deck and these guys made it look easy. The output was concise and beautiful. They were instrumental in our successful fundraise”

Viren Shetty

CEO, PlusMargin, Forbes 30U30 , raised $1.5M

“They helped us put together a solid pitch to secure a multi-million dollar project despite stiff competition. Their approach is unique and their ability to unlock a business’s full potential is admirable.”

Jorge Rodriguez

Group MD, Influential Brands, (Former International BD Director @ Shilla Travel Retail)

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