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The Academic Career Gap

There 75 million unemployed young people worldwide and many employers are struggling to fill entry-level vacancies. Founded by three of the youngest entrepreneurs in the JFDI program, the Glints team sought to bridge the mismatch between employer needs and skills young talent have to offer. Now they just needed to raise the funds to make the idea a reality.

“The service was stellar and they delivered a phenomenal presentation that perfectly exhibited our brand message.”
– Seah Ying Cong, CTO at Glints

Demo Day and Beyond

With a sound plan of execution and impressive traction to match, the team just needed a compelling story to bring it all together. The result was a persuasive presentation that exuded their signature youthfulness and framed their offering in a way that was attractive to potential investors.

“During the event, we instantly became a crowd favourite. No doubt the results were worth every cent!”
– Oswald Yeo, Co-founder at Glints

Kickstarting Raising Efforts

Once we managed to nail down a succinct and emotional narrative on the very real problems faced by young people today, the trio went on to raise $475,000 in funding in an oversubscribed seed round turning away more than $250,000. Today, they run a bustling tech startup with employers on their platform like Adidas and Puma.

“If you take your presentations seriously and want to get your audiences talking about you, there are no two ways about it; leave it to the HighSpark team. We highly recommend them.”
– Qin En, CMO at Glints

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