The Visual Persuasion course is a PowerPoint design course aimed at empowering the everyday executive to utilize the visceral appeal of powerful visuals to stand out, communicate better and ultimately influence behavioural change.


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does your team struggle USING VISUALS TO COMMUNICATE?


Are your slides cluttered with text?


Do you have trouble picking colors and fonts?


Is it time to revamp your presentation?


Do you struggle with diagrams and charts?


Do you need to align to your brand template?


Is putting together presentations difficult?


In this presentation/PowerPoint design course, you will learn how to harness the power of visuals to simplify complex concepts, increase retention rate and memorability and sell your ideas better even if you have no prior experience in design.

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text to visual persuasive presentations that sell workshop

Convert Text To Visuals

PowerPoint presentations cluttered with text are notorious for leaving prospects bored and putting audiences to sleep. We teach learners to use visuals to engage.

get comfortable with data visual persuasion

Get Comfortable With Data

We teach learners data-visualisation strategies to identify key messages and create clear and compelling diagrams or charts.

visible results visual persuasion

Visible Results

Learners get to takeaway immediate results from the presentation program with enhanced presentations they can re-use and feel proud of.

If you develop PowerPoint or Keynote presentations at work, you’ll benefit from this training. 

“The workshop has without a doubt, enhanced our presentation development skills as a team.”

Yugo Fukuhara
Chugai Pharmabody, Admin Head


Who is it for?

This design course is recommended for sales professionals and marketing professionals who heavily rely on PowerPoint presentations to sell ideas. It’s also useful for Finance or Engineering teams who desire to transform complex and dry information into comprehensive & memorable visual stories.


Learners take away repeatable processes to deal with complex information and data by leveraging visuals to communicate more clearly and persuasively. Teams grow their visual vocabulary and take home essential skills for their daily work.

a designed-focused curriculum to train design-thinkers

Simplify complex messages, data, facts and figures

Visualizing text and data using images

Creative and lateral thinking using analogies

Quick hacks on presentation design

PowerPoint Software Hacks for Speed


Hands on case studies and exercises

Utilising colors and typography

Proven process for quality design, faster

learning objective: developing visual presentations

The (Visual Persuasion) design course focuses on imparting skills and sharing tools that participants can put to use immediately to achieve these objectives:

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Simplify Complex Data and charts

Learn how to create better charts, graphs and infographics using tools you already have so people understand better.

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Grab attention and increase engagement by learning how to amplify your message using visuals in your presentations.

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develop beautiful presentations fast

Learn the step-by-step processes and techniques we use to create better presentations in half the time.

live workshops held by experts

Getting Comfortable With Imagery

Say goodbye to endless reams of bullets in your PowerPoint presentations. In this programme we explore alternative ways to amplify your message using powerful visuals.

What materials will be used during the workshop?

Colorful markers, sticky notes, flip-charts, paper and other stationery you can find around the office. We detach participants from technology to go analogue with their creative process – this results in better quality interventions and faster ideation.

Is your programme customisable to our organization?

Please contact us separately for customised programme rates.

Do I need to know how to design?

No need. It’s specially formulated for non-designers to grasp visual literacy concepts and apply these concepts to their presentations or other communication mediums. We teach quick step-by-step shortcuts that achieve better results faster, even if you know nothing about design.

Will I be able to design on PowerPoint?

Typically in our 1 day program, we don’t recommend that participants get distracted by the software. The focus will be on grasping the approach. In 2-day programs the option is open for the organization to discuss with our trainers on whether it’s advisable to include PowerPoint instructionals within the workshop. This is after all not a ‘how-to use powerpoint’ course.

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Chugai Pharmabody

Empowering the Admin Team

ppts half day

Shiseido Digital

Digital team strategy retreat


Astra Financial Jakarta

Better executive presentations

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