“How do you guys price?”

A question that we receive very often is: How exactly do we determine the the price of our services. Detailed below is a list of factors that we consider before giving you a range or number and what each price range typically entails.

Factors we consider to determine price:

Preliminary Work
Depending on how much information you can communicate to us upfront, the costs will vary. Naturally, if you can demystify complex content and clear doubts early on, we can jump straight into revamping your presentation. Otherwise we’ll devote extra time to fully understanding and digesting your content before we can start on your presentation all synced-up. If you lack an existing structure or content in general, that spells out more work for us to ease the details out of your team and extra hours to iterate the content storyboard.

How to save:Instead of giving us vague, incomplete details about your presentation, help us understand your topic from the get-go and send us the closest thing you have to a usable outline in PowerPoint format instead of Word. This saves us time and saves you money.

Is your existing presentation that you’re looking to revamp extremely cluttered with numerous paragraphs and gawdy diagrams? There is a likelihood that it will cost more simply because it takes more time to decipher and streamline the content within.

How to save: By explaining complex content in the presentation in advanced (usually in speaker notes) and reducing the amount of words/irrelevant images in the slides. This saves our team time in the long-run simplifying your content and reduces cost on your end.

Approvals & Revisions
Standard projects include 2 rounds of revisions and additional revisions are often anticipated to either be included in the original estimate or billed separately if the revisions fall out of agreed scope.

How to save: We’ve found that revisions become overwhelming when there are too many stakeholders involved in the approval process or when expectations aren’t communicated clearly early on. To avoid extra costs, we recommend that clients relay requirements clearly in advanced and reduce the number of people involved in approvals.

We strongly recommend that clients come to us early with the work that they anticipate needs done, this is so we’ll have adequate time to explore more ideas and iterations for a better product. Understandably, things don’t always work out the way we anticipate and our team can put in extra time past operating hours to deliver a solid product for your tight deadlines. However, this can entail additional rush fees.

How to save: Easy, the typical comfortable lead time for us to create your presentation is about 2 weeks. Give us that as a minimum lead time to create your presentation. Projects completed in less than 10 business days will be considered rush projects and priced accordingly.

Typically, our standard offerings come with simple, subtle transitions that work for most presentations. Should you require more sophisticated or complex animations for your presentation, the higher the cost may be. Animating elements to move in sync across the deck is one of the most time consuming parts of the process, hence the additional fees.

How to save: If possible, do away with animation in the presentation and keep to simple transitions such as ‘Dissolve’ or ‘Fade’.

Slide Amount
Needless to say, the amount of slides in a deck affects our consideration on the price. The more slides you have, the more time it will take us to raise the bar on your existing presentations. We recommend fewer, briefer slides that amplify your message rather than overshadow it, hence prior curation is very important.

How to save: As much as possible, try to cut out irrelevant content and unneeded slides to alleviate our team of extensive work on visuals you don’t need.

Price Range: $5,000-$8,000 “The Enhancement”


For basic presentation makeovers and revamps. You already have slides created that you want to ‘super-charge’ and attain clarity with some color. They just need some tender-loving care and touch-up to shine!

What it includes:

Theme creation: We create a visual theme for your presentation to adhere to
Visual Enhancement: We align, create new visuals and tie it all together in a cohesive design compRoyalty-Free Stock Imagery: We purchase and use high-quality photography to boost your presentation visuals


What affects pricing:

• Number of Slides
• Amount of content on each slide
• Structural Changes Required

Price Range: $8,000-$15,000 “The Rework”


For presentations that need a better structure, or a brand new story from the ground-up. You want to make an impact with this high-stakes presentation that you desperately need to ace.

What it includes:

• Story Strategy: We work on your overarching theme and sequence to enhance your messaging.

• Bespoke branded visual theme that unites your presentation and sells your brand.

• Custom-designed diagrams and elements unique to your presentation.

• Copywriting

• Simplification of business and technical concepts so your audiences understand you.

• Photo manipulation and retouching for high quality stock imagery.

What affects pricing:

• Number of Slides

• Amount of content on each slide

• Structural Changes Required

• Animation(s) required and Complexity

Price Range: $15,000-$50,000 “The SuperSize”


Typically for organizations who seek to invest in creating a unifying presentation that ensures that every single champion in their team across the company sings the same brand message.

What it includes:

• Bespoke branded visual theme and slide library.

• Branded graphics and elements

• Large number of slides

• Customized content and copywriting

• Ongoing Pre-engagement and Post-engagement consultations

Optional: Company training on principles and how to use presentation

Common uses include:

• Annual company or thought-leadership conferences

• Organization branded template and library

• Global RFP/RFQ Presentations

• Company credentials/sales deck and training