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visual literacy for the astra financial group

Executives that support C-level management were all sent for a course on Visual Persuasion to develop better presentations across the organisation

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empowering those who support the very top

Working Towards Better C-Level Communication Material

Astra Financial is well-known as one of the heavyweight automotive financing companies in Indonesia. A minority shareholder in notable companies like GO-JEK and a holding group for 11 different companies, they consistently need to meander high-level conversations and presentations. These presentations are typically prepared by their respective Chief of Staffs or Secretaries.

identifying their hidden visual talent

Visual Principles That Work for Financial Firms


The ASTRA Financial team received requests from management to level-up the presentation development skills of personnel that report direct to the board of directors. These high-stakes material can’t afford to be done ineffectively or to low standard.



Through a custom program programme, we educated the team on best practices to adhere to their company’s template as well as the key principles of data storytelling as they deal heavily with charts and data. This was supported by a general curriculum on visual literacy. Learners got to even practice it on software to showcase to their peers and take home fully-designed slides.

Executives supporting directors


Companies attending



“HighSpark has given our team a unique perspective in developing presentations that in my 7 years working here, I have not seen before. My colleagues and I were left deeply inspired by the insights from the trainer. What we also enjoyed was just the sheer effort in putting customised case studies together specially for our organisation. I recommend any department or team that wants to improve their level up communication skills approach the team. You won’t be disappointed!

Astrid Triwahyuni, Strategic Plan & PDCA, Astra Financial

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