Training Case Study: Mastercard


MasterCard’s technical teams need to communicate complex information to internal and external stakeholders on a regular basis. Problem is, although their teams are made up of competent experts, they still had trouble telling simple, persuasive stories with data and diagrams. Their chart presentations were either had too many overlapping instances of data or were just too cluttered.




Luncheon Training  


data storytelling training mastercard

Data Storytelling

narrative structure training mastercard

Narrative Structure

visual literacy storytelling training mastercard

Visual literacy

presentation design training mastercard

Presentation Design

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Over a half-day luncheon crash course on data storytelling in presentations, we took the teams from various departments through our Identify, Simplify, Amplify method of creating effective charts and headlines. This included focused advice on how to select, create and optimize different kinds of charts such as bar charts, pie charts and their axes.


Close to 100% of the participants strongly agreed that the course was integral for their daily work and enjoyed the workshop because of the ‘immediately applicable’ takeaways after the workshop.

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“They’ve earned my respect as someone I should reach out for advice in future.”

Kuang Hui Goh

Consumer & Market Intel, Mastercard

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