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Annually, Motul APAC hosts its distributor counterparts hailing from various countries across the world. Their management team takes the stage to deliver their directions for the year ahead in various keynote addresses.

setting the direction for the year

Motul: A Market Leader In The Lubricants Industry

With more than a century of lineage to its name, Motul needs no introduction as one of the heavy-weights in the automotive & industrial lubricants space. The French family-run company holds an annual Distributor’s Conference where the organization’s finest practitioners engage with its stakeholders and unify its upcoming strategy for the year ahead. Well known as a sponsor to most major races in PowerSports, we were tasked annually for four years to empower them to align their various teams in the same direction.

developing large-scale conference presentations

Clarifying Evolving Messages To Instil Trust In Their Partners


Each year, the management team puts together a themed agenda for the next year that needs to be communicated across a number of presentations headed by C-Level executives. Their visuals need to be consistent with messaging aligned to a singular goal. 


Over four years, our team worked closely with their key persons to develop visually cinematic and compelling keynotes for their multi-cultural audiences. As the brand continued to evolve, so did our work for them. 

slides designed so far


audiences impacted


presentations developed



“In the past 3 years of working with them, they’ve always delivered top-of-the-line presentations within a short span of time to give us that X-Factor. I’d recommend them with confidence.”

Francois Lesage, Former Marketing Country Manager at HTL Pte Ltd (2017)

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