Shiseido: Persuasive Presentations That Sell

Case Study: ppts workshop

marketing presentations on steroids

The digital and e-commerce team at Shiseido held a short retreat for their team and was hoping to enhance their skills as presenters overall as a single unit.

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Training already competent marketers

Taking Advanced Learners To The Next Level

As a team, the learners were already very capable as presenters and even as designers on the whole. Our challenge was to introduce specific case studies that would challenge and help the team grow together as they collaborate on an ongoing basis.

training goal: align standards across the team

Empowering Shiseido’s Digital Team To Communicate Best Practices Effectively


The team was already well-versed in presentation delivery and had varied proficiencies in content and design. Our job was to put together a training program to align their skillsets and also play on their existing know-how.


We spent hours creating customised case examples that mimicked their actual campaign pitches and internal presentations along with step-by-step instructionals on presentation design covering the basics of storytelling and design over a half-day duration


“Our team was already reasonably proficient with PowerPoint before the training. Hence, we were pleasantly surprised by the additional insights provided by the trainer in areas of storytelling and design.

The course focused more on the ‘approach’ rather than how to use the software which was a refreshing take.

What left us the most impressed was the level of detail and relevance of the case studies prepared to our daily work. I have no doubt we’ve levelled up as a team and we highly recommend their programs even to more advanced learners.”

Scott Leaw, Director, Shiseido

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Case Study

How Glife Raised Oversubscribed Investor Funding Rounds 

glife investor pitch deck feature image long


Communicating From The Mind Of A Visionary

Armed with the knowledge and experience of running successful businesses in the past, fundraising is a different ball-game where clarity is king. The founders needed help clarifying their brand story into a simple, persuasive narratives to raise their seed round


Giving Asia Access To Vegetables On Demand

Glife is a spin-off business from the creators of the very successful vegetarian chain Greendot Group. Justin and Wayne sought to democratise access to vegetables direct from farmers to businesses as well as the public via their e-commerce platform and app.

glife feature splash highspark case study.001


Backed by leading investors across multiple rounds

We worked closely with them to extrapolate what made their particular solution and brand special. Using visuals and specially worded headlines to showcase their strongest competencies along with their unique farm-to-fork supply chain and logistics network proved to be their trump card helping the team close a successful round raising $1.6M and a follow-up round after.

Seed Round Raised


Series A Raised


“How they re-framed our business left us deeply impressed. They quickly understood our business and helped us communicate our unique story. I can confidently say they were instrumental in our successful fundraising efforts.

We’ll definitely come back for later funding rounds –  it’s clear these guys know what they’re doing and I’d recommend them any day. “

Wayne Goh

CCO, Glife Technologies


Case Study

Bolt Global token

Raising $12M for the new blockchain entertainment network

blockchain pitch deck

A Blockbuster ICO Deck for a Private Sale

BOLT – an already established digital entertainment company was looking to take their existing database of users and technology onto the blockchain to offer users security, savings in fees and democratising payments along with entertainment to unbanked countries like Kenya etc.

bolt token vertical pitch deck picture

approaching the blockchain story

Secure, Seamless, Quality Entertainment, Without Middlemen


Pitching blockchain solutions to investors in exchange for tokens is never an easy task. Armed with only a strong existing business without a clear story, our team needed to start virtually from scratch.


Working together with their Chief Commercial Officer, we wrote and designed a new story pitting their start up against giants like Netflix and conventional cable to show the eventual evolution of the entertainments space. The result was a beautiful visual story that captivated the hearts of investors.

raised in private sale 


people impacted by solution


conferences presented



I’m confident to say that the HighSpark team members are the best in their craft – I have never once been disappointed by their quality, delivery, or their consistency. I have witnessed how they were able to design a narrative about Blockchain to be simple, persuasive and elegant, and if they were able to do that, they can do anything.

Christel Quek, Chief Commercial Officer , Bolt Global

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Chugai Pharmabody: Visual Persuasion

Case Study


Developing graphic frameworks for the Administration team

Artboard 1@1.5x 100


Diagnosing Gaps In Presentation Development

The Chugai Pharmabody Admin team develops presentations very often, for dissemination to various departments to provide updates on data as well as to announce new initiatives. These collateral then get circulated and used by the management team that relies on them for support.


Using Data, Visuals In Pharma


The team found themselves with a gap in visualisation skills and trouble working with data, tables and graphs – leading to ineffective internal communications


Learners got to learn from custom case examples pre-prepared by the trainer based on their corporate template, identity and brand. The session ended with them preparing a presentation directly on PowerPoint.


“The workshop has without a doubt, enhanced our presentation development skills as a team. What I personally enjoyed was that not only were we offered tips and strategies from an experienced practitioner, but we got to practice and internalise the learnings too. Not only was the workshop really insightful, it was a lot of fun too! My colleagues and I enjoyed it thoroughly and would highly recommend it to teams looking to enhance skills in this area.”

Yugo Fukuhara, Admin Head, Chugai Pharmabody

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Astra Financial: Visual Persuasion

training Case Study

visual literacy for the astra financial group

Executives that support C-level management were all sent for a course on Visual Persuasion to develop better presentations across the organisation

Before after training mockup

empowering those who support the very top

Working Towards Better C-Level Communication Material

Astra Financial is well-known as one of the heavyweight automotive financing companies in Indonesia. A minority shareholder in notable companies like GO-JEK and a holding group for 11 different companies, they consistently need to meander high-level conversations and presentations. These presentations are typically prepared by their respective Chief of Staffs or Secretaries.

identifying their hidden visual talent

Visual Principles That Work for Financial Firms


The ASTRA Financial team received requests from management to level-up the presentation development skills of personnel that report direct to the board of directors. These high-stakes material can’t afford to be done ineffectively or to low standard.



Through a custom program programme, we educated the team on best practices to adhere to their company’s template as well as the key principles of data storytelling as they deal heavily with charts and data. This was supported by a general curriculum on visual literacy. Learners got to even practice it on software to showcase to their peers and take home fully-designed slides.

Executives supporting directors


Companies attending



“HighSpark has given our team a unique perspective in developing presentations that in my 7 years working here, I have not seen before. My colleagues and I were left deeply inspired by the insights from the trainer. What we also enjoyed was just the sheer effort in putting customised case studies together specially for our organisation. I recommend any department or team that wants to improve their level up communication skills approach the team. You won’t be disappointed!

Astrid Triwahyuni, Strategic Plan & PDCA, Astra Financial

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