Corporate Case Study:


Not Just An Electronics Company

Panasonic to most, sells TVs, household electronic products and most else in that general category. What their partners and most of the public don’t fully understand are their extensive range of innovations into areas like Smart Cities beyond televisions and fans. 


The Panasonic team in APAC were looking to build a consistent boilerplate template to help align various departments that were telling very different stories to external stakeholders.

In fact, Panasonic was growing to be more than simply an electronics company. They were venturing into spaces like building smart cities and numerous other initiatives beyond just television sets and fans.

Their new outward-facing presentation story needed to reflect that. The template that would be used within teams had to have clear guidelines to ensure consistent graphic and conceptual representation of the brand.

Their business development teams wanted a new presentation to help them forge new partnerships and win more business as well.



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Template Guidelines

“The team has been exceptional in helping us create an impactful presentation from scratch “

Cathy Liu, Brand Management, Panasonic APAC


We created a comprehensive template and story structure for the Panasonic business development teams that started from the ground up.

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Step 1

We first conducted in-depth research into the industry and Panasonic’s new offerings to the market-at-large. This set the foundation of information to be used later in the story development portion.

Step 2

Using data from our research, we put together a new story boilerplate to sequence the existing meat of their brand story into a logical flow that reduced visual clutter and enhanced their value proposition.

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Step 3

Next, we created a visual theme that would accurately reflect Panasonic’s new direction as a company as well as showcase their various capabilities. These needed to adhere to existing brand guidelines.

Step 4

Using the theme and the story created prior, we married both to produce their final presentation output in an attractive, editable format to be used by different teams with varying key messages.

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Step 5

Lastly, we put together an extensive set of layouts for their presentation template along with comprehensive guidelines to instruct internal stakeholders on its usage best practices.

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