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Regal Springs

Making high-quality fish relevant and moving an organisation in the right direction through presentations and infographics

Regal Springs Inforgraphic

internal presentation and infographic

Positioning The World’s Best Tilapia

Positioning fish as a product is a uniquely challenging affair. For Kristin Vegara, the company’s new CMO, setting the company’s direction for the year to revive this brand of rich heritage is no easy feat.

approaching the pitch

Taking Regal Springs Into The Future


To regain their market leader status, they needed a strong, simple narrative as a guiding point. The company already has an existing wealth of infrastructure, all it needs is some reframing in messaging.


Working closely with the Chief Marketing Officer, the team put together a presentation mirroring their new mantra – the best tilpia in the world, coupled with research to support their strategy ahead. We also put together an infographic summarising the new brand strategy.


“The team was very sharp and on-the-ball from start-to-finish. They were able to cut to the core of what I needed to communicate in the presentation to align our stakeholders in the year’s directions ahead.

As our industry is quite unique (we farm and supply fish), I was impressed at how quick they understood our business and proposed ways to frame our story. They were able to capture the vision I wanted to showcase – really telling a deeper story of what we sold to our customers.”

Kristin, Regal Springs 

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