Case Study: ppts workshop

marketing presentations on steroids

The digital and e-commerce team at Shiseido held a short retreat for their team and was hoping to enhance their skills as presenters overall as a single unit.

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Training already competent marketers

Taking Advanced Learners To The Next Level

As a team, the learners were already very capable as presenters and even as designers on the whole. Our challenge was to introduce specific case studies that would challenge and help the team grow together as they collaborate on an ongoing basis.

training goal: align standards across the team

Empowering Shiseido’s Digital Team To Communicate Best Practices Effectively


The team was already well-versed in presentation delivery and had varied proficiencies in content and design. Our job was to put together a training program to align their skillsets and also play on their existing know-how.


We spent hours creating customised case examples that mimicked their actual campaign pitches and internal presentations along with step-by-step instructionals on presentation design covering the basics of storytelling and design over a half-day duration


“Our team was already reasonably proficient with PowerPoint before the training. Hence, we were pleasantly surprised by the additional insights provided by the trainer in areas of storytelling and design.

The course focused more on the ‘approach’ rather than how to use the software which was a refreshing take.

What left us the most impressed was the level of detail and relevance of the case studies prepared to our daily work. I have no doubt we’ve levelled up as a team and we highly recommend their programs even to more advanced learners.”

Scott Leaw, Director, Shiseido

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