Mediacorp Festival

Case Study


Developing a stunning presentation experience for the C-Suite 

 event KEYNOTE presentation

Impressing Partners and Sharing Game-changing News

Mediacorp’s annual trade show held this time was in lieu of a big announcement that would shake the local advertising space – benchmarking TV spot rates to digital impressions and cost of buying. The events team wanted a memorable and stunning presentation to support their C-Suite’s strong narratives on the big stage graced by some of the top local celebrities.


Celeb Walks, Multiple Screens and Industry Leaders


Working on an extremely tight deadline and with multiple stakeholders, the team had to distill lengthy scripts into relatable and cinematic visuals that played across 3 seperate screens in Mediacorp’s own auditorium.


Working together with the events team as well as directly with 4 management-level execs in the C-Suite, we developed a variety of sequences that were visually spectacular and embodied their brand.

Celebrities in attendance


Trade Audience





“They did an amazing job! I’m having people coming to me asking which team was behind the event experience and I’ve already happily recommended HighSpark. If you want to blow your event audience away – you need to work with them

Da Sheng, Head Of Commercial Planning & Solutions , Mediacorp

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Regal Springs

Case Study

Regal Springs

Making high-quality fish relevant and moving an organisation in the right direction through presentations and infographics

internal presentation and infographic

Positioning The World’s Best Tilapia

Positioning fish as a product is a uniquely challenging affair. For Kristin Vegara, the company’s new CMO, setting the company’s direction for the year to revive this brand of rich heritage is no easy feat.

approaching the pitch

Taking Regal Springs Into The Future


To regain their market leader status, they needed a strong, simple narrative as a guiding point. The company already has an existing wealth of infrastructure, all it needs is some reframing in messaging.


Working closely with the Chief Marketing Officer, the team put together a presentation mirroring their new mantra – the best tilpia in the world, coupled with research to support their strategy ahead. We also put together an infographic summarising the new brand strategy.


“The team was very sharp and on-the-ball from start-to-finish. They were able to cut to the core of what I needed to communicate in the presentation to align our stakeholders in the year’s directions ahead.

As our industry is quite unique (we farm and supply fish), I was impressed at how quick they understood our business and proposed ways to frame our story. They were able to capture the vision I wanted to showcase – really telling a deeper story of what we sold to our customers.”

Kristin, Regal Springs 

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Glife Investor Deck

Case Study

Glife e-commerce application

Raising $1.6Million of Funds For Vegetable E-Commerce


Giving Asia Access To Vegetables On Demand

Glife is a spin-off business from the creators of the very successful vegetarian chain Greendot Group. Justin and Wayne sought to democratise access to vegetables direct from farmers to businesses as well as the public via their e-commerce platform and app.


Developing The Glife Investor Presentation Story


Armed with the knowledge and experience of running successful businesses in the past, fundraising is a different ball-game where clarity is king. The founders needed help clarifying their brand story into a simple, persuasive narratives to raise their seed round


We worked closely with them to extrapolate what made their particular solution and brand special. Using visuals and specially worded headlines to showcase their strongest competencie along with their unique farm-to-fork supply chain and logistics network proved to be their trump card helping the team close a successful round raising $1.6M.

Funds raised

> $1.6M


> $700K


How they re-framed our business left us deeply impressed. They took time to understand our business and helped us communicate what was unique about our story. I can confidently say they were instrumental in our successful fundraising efforts.

We’ll definitely come back for later funding rounds –  it’s clear these guys know what they’re doing and I’d recommend them any day.”

Wayne Goh, Co-Founder, Glife

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Bolt ICO Presentation

Case Study

Bolt Global token

Raising $12M for the new blockchain entertainment network

blockchain pitch deck

A Blockbuster ICO Deck for a Private Sale

BOLT – an already established digital entertainment company was looking to take their existing database of users and technology onto the blockchain to offer users security, savings in fees and democratising payments along with entertainment to unbanked countries like Kenya etc.

approaching the blockchain story

Secure, Seamless, Quality Entertainment, Without Middlemen


Pitching blockchain solutions to investors in exchange for tokens is never an easy task. Armed with only a strong existing business without a clear story, our team needed to start virtually from scratch.


Working together with their Chief Commercial Officer, we wrote and designed a new story pitting their start up against giants like Netflix and conventional cable to show the eventual evolution of the entertainments space. The result was a beautiful visual story that captivated the hearts of investors.

raised in private sale 


people impacted by solution


conferences presented



I’m confident to say that the HighSpark team members are the best in their craft – I have never once been disappointed by their quality, delivery, or their consistency. I have witnessed how they were able to design a narrative about Blockchain to be simple, persuasive and elegant, and if they were able to do that, they can do anything.

Christel Quek, Chief Commercial Officer , Bolt Global

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Sales Kit Presentation Case Study: Auston Institute

Case Study


Auston Institute, a newcomer in the private education space in Singapore approached us to help them sharpen their sales kit used to introduce the institution to prospective international students. 

standing out in a noisy landscape

Auston: Education For Makers

In Singapore’s competitive education landscape – there are heavyweight public universities like NUS, SMU, NTU along with a myriad of other private institutions all vying for the same students. Filling a student body cohort requires more than generic messaging and pitches, it demands a strong, unique story and positioning.


Identifying Auston’s Unique Proposition In A Crowded Market


Auston Institute was a newcomer to the private education space and faced difficulty identifying their differentiating factors in the industry. Their existing sales presentation used to pitch to partners and prospective students sorely needed a visual and structural re-design.


We took apart the Auston identity, conducted primary research on other competitors within the local education space. What we found was that Auston boasted several competencies and industry affiliations in Engineering and technical courses that stood out as a value-add to their customers. We gave their presentation a visual face lift as well as re-wrote the fundamental story they were telling to others.


Auston walked away with a story that their internal teams could align to and consistently tell to external stakeholders. Personal pitches made to prospectives students of the school grew more successful and the school has managed to solidify its foothold in the local market.

students signed up


revenue per degree student


course fees


what clients say

“You talk about revolutionizing the sales process? This did it.”

Michael Lin, Managing Director, Auston Institute

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