Case Study

Cementing V-Key as a serious cyber-security contender

V Key brand shot

The Client

V-Key is a Singapore-based mobile security and digital identity company. They developed a range of security solutions for mobile devices and applications, including its patented technology, V-OS. They are also known for their ability to enhance security in mobile banking and payments.

In 2012, they were funded $12 Million from Ant Financial and subsequently partnered with them to provide solutions for Alipay.

Today, V-Key is recognised as one of the leading mobile security companies in the world, with a range of solutions that help businesses protect their mobile applications and digital assets from cyber threats.


  • Market research
  • Narrative design
  • Website design
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • GTM asset development
  • Explainer videos
  • Brand refinement
V Key Collage Frame 1


Finding the key to a strong launch

V-Key’s quest is to smoothen, secure and strengthen digital payment processes. Once they created patented products, they aggressively went to market and sought external support to create their assets. In particular, they needed a cohesive brand message for their big reveal at a FinTech Festival.

Our task was to distil their story and craft a narrative for a highly technical cybersecurity product made for the finance industry. We were also working with a team of technical experts, with little expertise in creative flair.

Cutting-edge solution never before seen in the market that’s very difficult to visualise

Team composition heavily weighted in the technical aspects (devs, UI/UX)

New entrant with aggressively growth goals in a competitive space with many incumbents

How we helped

Setting GTM Foundations

Through extensive research and working across different mediums, we honed and sharpened V-Key’s narrative. We turned their complex product into a solution that got traction and caught the attention of customers and regulators upon their reveal.

Proposition Playbooks

Several sets of feature breakdowns were made that accentuated the uniqueness of their product. These playbooks were screened live at events and used by their sales team.

Brand Assets

Accomplished through clever image manipulation, animation and graphics, the output consists of explainer videos, print ads and actual sales collateral.

Visual Refinements

Further refined and scaled brand elements. This includes making detailed adjustments to their logo, mark and other visual elements that represented their brand.

V Key Collage Frame 2


Aligned, persuasive marketing assets and GTM

V-Key has since gone on to acquire top financial institutions and government banks as their clientele as well as strengthened their relationships with regulators. They’ve become a true force of nature in the cyber security space.

Sales Enablement

Developing assets and boilerplates that would enable revenue professionals to persuade prospects digitally

Narrative Design

Visualising something as nebulous as software is no easy feat. We leveraged visuals and language to enhance their unique message.


Ensuring successful use of assets ensured deeply understanding their value and what customers wanted.

Gift Market

Case Study

Gift To Grow : How GiftMarket plugged its revenue leak with narratives and messaging

giftmarket slides up perspective


Differentiating B2B commodity products to reclaim revenues

Gift Market is the #2 corporate gifts supplier in Singapore that specializes in sourcing and customizing gifts for major organizations.
Problem was they weren’t the only ones and they were selling largely similar products. This led to an eight-figure revenue leak over 2 years.

Low conversion, wallet share and retention rates despite high website traffic

Attracting the wrong customers due to messaging that emphasised cheap products

Lack of brand differentiation leading to price based competition and lower margins

How we helped

Discovering what their buyers wanted

After conducting research and workshops with the Gift Market team, we identified HR and Marketing as their top customer profiles.

We found out that customers didn’t choose vendors by price, but wanted providers to recommend gift ideas. Additionally, we learned that customers were willing to pay more for solutions to their needs, and that the sales team lacked the right tools to provide added value.

Using these insights, we developed the sales narrative “Gift-led Growth” to showcase Gift Market’s potential as a provider of insightful consultative advice.

gift market mockup


A new story that helped customers appreciate the power of gifts

We translated this narrative into a centralised sales presentation and messaging architecture, which helped the sales team gain clarity on the company’s value proposition and communicate more purposefully with clients.

As a result of these changes, the customer service team was able to provide value-added advice and the company saw an increase in deals closed, increased deal sizes, and improved customer retention in the long term.

We also conducted sales and mindset workshops to educate and implement changes to see immediate results with future client inquiries

Jobs-to-be-done and Personas

Interviews and research done to determine ideal customer profiles that informs all marketing

Positioning & Messaging

Developing fundamental messaging and differentiation to best communicate services to customers

Sales Enablement

Developing frameworks, decks and assets to support front-facing teams in selling more effectively