Case Study

Cementing V-Key as a serious cyber-security contender

V Key brand shot

The Client

V-Key is a Singapore-based mobile security and digital identity company. They developed a range of security solutions for mobile devices and applications, including its patented technology, V-OS. They are also known for their ability to enhance security in mobile banking and payments.

In 2012, they were funded $12 Million from Ant Financial and subsequently partnered with them to provide solutions for Alipay.

Today, V-Key is recognised as one of the leading mobile security companies in the world, with a range of solutions that help businesses protect their mobile applications and digital assets from cyber threats.


  • Market research
  • Narrative design
  • Website design
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • GTM asset development
  • Explainer videos
  • Brand refinement
V Key Collage Frame 1


Finding the key to a strong launch

V-Key’s quest is to smoothen, secure and strengthen digital payment processes. Once they created patented products, they aggressively went to market and sought external support to create their assets. In particular, they needed a cohesive brand message for their big reveal at a FinTech Festival.

Our task was to distil their story and craft a narrative for a highly technical cybersecurity product made for the finance industry. We were also working with a team of technical experts, with little expertise in creative flair.

Cutting-edge solution never before seen in the market that’s very difficult to visualise

Team composition heavily weighted in the technical aspects (devs, UI/UX)

New entrant with aggressively growth goals in a competitive space with many incumbents

How we helped

Setting GTM Foundations

Through extensive research and working across different mediums, we honed and sharpened V-Key’s narrative. We turned their complex product into a solution that got traction and caught the attention of customers and regulators upon their reveal.

Proposition Playbooks

Several sets of feature breakdowns were made that accentuated the uniqueness of their product. These playbooks were screened live at events and used by their sales team.

Brand Assets

Accomplished through clever image manipulation, animation and graphics, the output consists of explainer videos, print ads and actual sales collateral.

Visual Refinements

Further refined and scaled brand elements. This includes making detailed adjustments to their logo, mark and other visual elements that represented their brand.

V Key Collage Frame 2


Aligned, persuasive marketing assets and GTM

V-Key has since gone on to acquire top financial institutions and government banks as their clientele as well as strengthened their relationships with regulators. They’ve become a true force of nature in the cyber security space.

Sales Enablement

Developing assets and boilerplates that would enable revenue professionals to persuade prospects digitally

Narrative Design

Visualising something as nebulous as software is no easy feat. We leveraged visuals and language to enhance their unique message.


Ensuring successful use of assets ensured deeply understanding their value and what customers wanted.


Case Study

How Vonage captivated B2B prospects digitally


Contextualising telecom solutions in a distanced world 

Its the first Vonage conference held fully digitally due to CoVid restrictions. The team needed the story to be engaging, potentially sales-boosting and ready for a 100% virtual meeting session. Developing a keynote for this need required understanding Sunny Rao’s exciting vision for various industries and translating it to actual visuals.

Vonage presentation mockup highspark case study


Turning ideas into stories

We conducted research into existing competitors as well as Vonage’s unique industry and offerings in CPaas (Communications Platform As A Service) which has become a buzzword within their industry with numerous players. This then informed the story line that spanned across 3 big industries – Healthcare, Education and Entertainment.

Sunny rao vonage presentation highspark case study 1


Qualified prospect viewership and following

Vonage’s APAC SVP, Sunny Rao gave a stunning performance in a keynote address to viewers tuned in. Followed up with a variety of workshops and booths, the Vonage team was able to generate qualified interest for their prospective clients and start new conversations.



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Case Study

How Growthwell raised an eight-figure sum from Temasek


Innovation sometimes happens before profit

Bringing a never-before-seen meat replacement product into the market and seeking to incept the minds of investors is much easier said than done. On the crux of a breakthrough with Israel company ChickP, the Growthwell team were close to bringing to market the first non-allergenic, cruelty-free alternative. They just needed help to bring that story to life.
growthwell ipad mockup highspark chickpeas falling case study


Making the case for chickpeas as meat replacements

Raising purely with IP rights, without profits or any validated proof-of-concept is no easy feat. We worked with the team to isolate their key difference, create a commercial case for the product although the business has yet to generate any revenue at the time of fundraising.

The development and commercialisation of this solution requires a significant runway and cash to burn. Playing up team experience in F&B as well as a logistic network that could see their raw material circulated into restaurants was the best bet to tell a compelling story.


growthwell collage highspark case study.001


Backed by Singapore’s sovereign fund

Armed with their new story, in an unprecedented seed round, the Growthwell team drew interest from a stable of investors including Singapore’s sovereign fund: Temasek. They raised an eight-figure sum to grow their joint-ventures in Israel as well as to scale production for their chick-pea protein isolate to commercialise within SouthEast Asia. 

Seed Round


in funding

Series A Round


in funding

“We couldn’t have done it without HighSpark”.
We’re definitely coming back for our next round.
They have a knack for helping us find our ideal story”

Justin Chou

CEO, Growthwell, Fundraised $11M from Temasek


Case Study

How Glife Raised Oversubscribed Investor Funding Rounds 

glife investor pitch deck feature image long


Communicating From The Mind Of A Visionary

Armed with the knowledge and experience of running successful businesses in the past, fundraising is a different ball-game where clarity is king. The founders needed help clarifying their brand story into a simple, persuasive narratives to raise their seed round


Giving Asia Access To Vegetables On Demand

Glife is a spin-off business from the creators of the very successful vegetarian chain Greendot Group. Justin and Wayne sought to democratise access to vegetables direct from farmers to businesses as well as the public via their e-commerce platform and app.

glife feature splash highspark case study.001


Backed by leading investors across multiple rounds

We worked closely with them to extrapolate what made their particular solution and brand special. Using visuals and specially worded headlines to showcase their strongest competencies along with their unique farm-to-fork supply chain and logistics network proved to be their trump card helping the team close a successful round raising $1.6M and a follow-up round after.

Seed Round Raised


Series A Raised


“How they re-framed our business left us deeply impressed. They quickly understood our business and helped us communicate our unique story. I can confidently say they were instrumental in our successful fundraising efforts.

We’ll definitely come back for later funding rounds –  it’s clear these guys know what they’re doing and I’d recommend them any day. “

Wayne Goh

CCO, Glife Technologies


Case Study

How Motul Developed a Blockbuster Distributor’s Conference

motul highspark hero image


Setting each year’s strategy across regional markets

With more than a century of lineage to its name, Motul needs no introduction as one of the heavy-weights in the automotive & industrial lubricants space. The French family-run company holds an annual Distributor’s Conference where the organization’s top management engage with its stakeholders and unify its upcoming strategy for the year ahead. Well known as a sponsor to most major races in PowerSports, we were tasked annually for four years to empower them to align their various teams in the same direction.

Motul Case Study Shot 1


Clarifying Evolving Messages To Instil Trust In Their Partners

We studied the overall direction and theme of each year’s conference, coached speakers for each segment and ensured the overall design and narrative was aligned toward their outcomes. On-site support was also provided on event day to ensure things went smoothly.

Motul second shot case study


Motivated distributors that deliver year after year

Over four years, our team worked closely with their key persons to develop visually cinematic and compelling keynotes for their multi-cultural audiences. As the brand continued to evolve with its growth in the region, so did our work for them.

Audiences Impacted


Presentations Empowered


“In the past 3 years of working with them, they’ve always delivered top-of-the-line presentations
within a short span of time to give us that X-Factor. I’d recommend them with confidence.””

Francois Lesage

Former Marketing Country Manager at HTL Pte Ltd