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Case Study

How Growthwell raised an eight-figure sum from Temasek


Innovation sometimes happens before profit

Bringing a never-before-seen meat replacement product into the market and seeking to incept the minds of investors is much easier said than done. On the crux of a breakthrough with Israel company ChickP, the Growthwell team were close to bringing to market the first non-allergenic, cruelty-free alternative. They just needed help to bring that story to life.


Making the case for chickpeas as meat replacements

Raising purely with IP rights, without profits or any validated proof-of-concept is no easy feat. We worked with the team to isolate their key difference, create a commercial case for the product although the business has yet to generate any revenue at the time of fundraising.

The development and commercialisation of this solution requires a significant runway and cash to burn. Playing up team experience in F&B as well as a logistic network that could see their raw material circulated into restaurants was the best bet to tell a compelling story.



Backed by Singapore’s sovereign fund

Armed with their new story, in an unprecedented seed round, the Growthwell team drew interest from a stable of investors including Singapore’s sovereign fund: Temasek. They raised an eight-figure sum to grow their joint-ventures in Israel as well as to scale production for their chick-pea protein isolate to commercialise within SouthEast Asia. 

Seed Round


in funding

“We couldn’t have done it without HighSpark”.
We’re definitely coming back for our next round.
They have a knack for helping us find our ideal story”

Justin Chou

CEO, Growthwell, Fundraised $11M from Temasek

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Glife Investor Deck

Case Study

Glife e-commerce application

Raising $1.6Million of Funds For Vegetable E-Commerce


Giving Asia Access To Vegetables On Demand

Glife is a spin-off business from the creators of the very successful vegetarian chain Greendot Group. Justin and Wayne sought to democratise access to vegetables direct from farmers to businesses as well as the public via their e-commerce platform and app.


Developing The Glife Investor Presentation Story


Armed with the knowledge and experience of running successful businesses in the past, fundraising is a different ball-game where clarity is king. The founders needed help clarifying their brand story into a simple, persuasive narratives to raise their seed round


We worked closely with them to extrapolate what made their particular solution and brand special. Using visuals and specially worded headlines to showcase their strongest competencie along with their unique farm-to-fork supply chain and logistics network proved to be their trump card helping the team close a successful round raising $1.6M.

Funds raised

> $1.6M


> $700K


How they re-framed our business left us deeply impressed. They took time to understand our business and helped us communicate what was unique about our story. I can confidently say they were instrumental in our successful fundraising efforts.

We’ll definitely come back for later funding rounds –  it’s clear these guys know what they’re doing and I’d recommend them any day.”

Wayne Goh, Co-Founder, Glife

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Bolt ICO Presentation

Case Study

Bolt Global token

Raising $12M for the new blockchain entertainment network

blockchain pitch deck

A Blockbuster ICO Deck for a Private Sale

BOLT – an already established digital entertainment company was looking to take their existing database of users and technology onto the blockchain to offer users security, savings in fees and democratising payments along with entertainment to unbanked countries like Kenya etc.

approaching the blockchain story

Secure, Seamless, Quality Entertainment, Without Middlemen


Pitching blockchain solutions to investors in exchange for tokens is never an easy task. Armed with only a strong existing business without a clear story, our team needed to start virtually from scratch.


Working together with their Chief Commercial Officer, we wrote and designed a new story pitting their start up against giants like Netflix and conventional cable to show the eventual evolution of the entertainments space. The result was a beautiful visual story that captivated the hearts of investors.

raised in private sale 


people impacted by solution


conferences presented



I’m confident to say that the HighSpark team members are the best in their craft – I have never once been disappointed by their quality, delivery, or their consistency. I have witnessed how they were able to design a narrative about Blockchain to be simple, persuasive and elegant, and if they were able to do that, they can do anything.

Christel Quek, Chief Commercial Officer , Bolt Global

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Investor Pitch Case Study: Glints

Case Study


Helping a trio of Forbes 30Under30, Singaporean Ivy League dropouts secure their startup dreams round-after-round through powerful stories

creating a winning investor pitch

Pitching the ‘Linkedin for Youths’

There are 75 million unemployed young people worldwide and many employers are struggling to fill entry-level vacancies. Founded by three of the youngest entrepreneurs in the JFDI program, the Glints team sought to bridge the mismatch between employer needs and skills young talent have to offer. Now they just needed to raise the funds to make the idea a reality.


Raising More Than $3Million Over Two Fundraising Rounds


With a sound plan of execution and impressive traction to match at each stage, the team just needed a compelling story to bring it all together. The result was a persuasive presentation that exuded their signature youthfulness and framed their offering in a way that was attractive to potential investors.


We worked with the team over multiple engagements to develop succinct narratives that helped them go on to raise venture capital. The team raised $475,000 in funding in an oversubscribed seed round turning away more than $250,000. In our second engagement with them, we co-developed their Series A narrative to rope them another $2.7Million in funds.

funds raised: seed







“The service was stellar and they delivered a phenomenal presentation that perfectly exhibited our brand message”

Seah Ying Cong , CTO, Glints

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