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What is Public Speaking Training?

Plenty of speakers struggle with maintaining their composure on stage, telling a coherent story and effectively engaging with audiences. Public Speaking Training puts participants through a rigorous programme that can span hours or days to inculcate the right habits and approaches to dealing with their public speaking anxieties.

Why Public Speaking Training?

Surveys about our fears consistently show that we fear public speaking more than death. As a result, most speakers fail to perform the moment they step on stage. Considering tone, body language and messaging are suddenly thrust at the back of their minds when faced with a sea of audience members seated before them. These speakers can benefit from training.

Our Difference

Paul is professionally trained as an actor and boast more than 20 years of experience in corporate presentations. Tapping on their extensive entertainment, corporate experience and familiarity with the startup space and upcoming technology. Paul is able to offer extremely practical and relevant advice to course attendees.

Public Speaking Trainer: Paul Falzon

Paul has over 20 year’s experience in education and training and eight years’ experience teaching public speaking subjects at one of the world’s top ten communication schools. As a trainer, Paul specialises in soft skills courses, such as Persuasive Speaking and Enhancing Innovation in the workplace. Clients include: BP, Barclays, Shell, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, California Fitness and more.
Featured Public Speaking Class:

Powerful Public Speaking

Learn the fundamentals of Public Speaking to get over those pre-showtime jitters and conquer your fears to shine on stage and make it look easy.

Course Description
Plenty of speakers struggle with maintaining their composure on stage, telling a coherent story and effectively engaging with audiences. Our programme helps anxious presenters overcome their fears by understanding and practicing the skills and processes that deliver compelling communication. ‘Powerful Public Speaking’ is a public speaking class allow participants to learn through experience. The workshop helps participants build awareness employed by ‘best-in-class’ proponents with takeaways such as: • Incorporating powerful pauses and stances for persuasiveness • Perfecting your tone of speaking to sound more confident and clear • The common pitfalls in public speaking to avoid • The art and importance of storytelling to influence… and more.
Who is it for?
This public speaking class is perfect for multi-ethic teams looking to increase the quality and persuasiveness of their presentation delivery. This course tackles most common issues presenters face like: enunciation, tonality and body language.
Course Includes:
• Simplify speech to speak more succinctly and engage audiences • Become comfortable with your body to ensure you look confident and communicate effortlessly • Articulate challenging English words accurately and pronounce consistently • Identify key messages in your presentation. • Develop a presentation that leads to a desired action from the audience. • Enhancing your stage presence and effective gesturing
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Find Your Key Message

Stop rambling, start telling real stories that get people to take action. Learn methods that will help you reduce verbosity and communicate with clarity.
public speaking coach

Conquer Body Language

Learn how to use gestures and powerful stances to boost your persuasiveness on stage during your presentation delivery.
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Control Your Voice

Learn the right way to pronounce words and use your voice to your advantage. Use various voice techniques like pauses, tone and volume to ensure your messages are received in the best way.

See What Others Say

Our approach to developing presentations is relevant to both beginners and advanced presenters.

“Paul has been a great help nailing down both the broader concepts and outlines for a communication strategy for Co-Opts. His patience and insights have helped distil a very difficult and slippery concept into easily communicable and tractable bites.”

Kevin Flanagan
Founder, Co-Opts Pte Ltd
“Paul reminded me that I am the expert of my content and encouraged me to integrate my personality into the speech. My ultimate goal was to connect with my audience, deliver my message with authenticity and make a difference to them. And I did it!”

Jenny NgFounder, Family Tales Pte Ltd
“The instructor himself demonstrated the good practices of public speaking at all times, even during the more theoretical presentations. He’s also personal and approachable. So the whole course is actually like watching a live demo of good public speaking.”

Joceline KuswantoVisual Designer

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