Get that persuasive edge with captivating visual presentations that sell

Getting your audience to 'yes' takes more than decorative graphics and clever quips. You need to influence them both logically and emotionally

That’s why…we don’t cut corners

Every presentation engagement begins and ends with your objectives and audience in mind. Research and audience profiling are non-negotiable parts of what we do.. so you get peace of mind knowing all the stops are covered.

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Story Strategy

Using your knowledge and brand, our copywriters work with you to create engaging, objective-oriented stories that positions your company in its best light and sells your offerings.
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Bespoke Design

Based off your existing brand guidelines, we create beautiful, functional visuals that amplify your messages and help you leave a deep lasting impression on your audiences. We help you look awesome.
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Team Education

We don’t just do it, we can teach it too. We help your team(s) communicate better, bring your brand forward and become more persuasive. Now anyone can become a storyteller.

That’s why…we don’t cut corners

Every engagement begins and ends with your objectives in mind. Research and audience profiling are non-negotiable parts of what we do.. so you get peace of mind knowing all the stops are covered.

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Communication Strategy

Our consultants help you align your organization define a clear brand story and messaging strategy for all mediums including infographics.
presentation development and design services

Presentation Development

Using proprietary presentation design and storytelling methods, we help you communicate ideas in a way that persuades your audiences.
presentation design and skills training services

Presentation Training

Empower your team with best practices in storytelling, and visual communication from industry experts that do it on a daily basis.
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Conference & Events

We help you ensure that your event’s messaging and visual theme are on-point, building confidence and excitement with stakeholders.

How can we help you?

Telling a persuasive story that sticks
Strategic Storytelling Consulting

You’re going to need more than just a ‘pretty’ presentation to ace that pitch. Our presentation designers help you to create engaging narratives that position your company in its best light and sells your offering(s).

This starts straight from the horse’s mouth, in this case, your audience. Before even turning PowerPoint on or putting pen to paper, knowing what your prospects and stakeholders are saying is critical. Because the most persuasive messages come from the people you’re presenting to… not what you ‘think’ is going to work..

What we help you to do may include:

  • Audit of your existing presentation or past presentation structures
  • Studying your company’s differentiation and offerings vis-a-vis your competitors
  • Analysis of your audience’s profile and how you can adapt your story to persuade them
  • Research on current industry trends that can bolster the validity of your stand
  • Written assessment of findings and recommendations based on the research and your business goals in the form of a PDF report
  • Exploring different iterations of story structures that can work based off your business objectives.
  • Executing the exact copywriting within your presentation.
Communicating my complex information with visuals
Strategic Presentation Design

Purposeful design coupled with a good story = a powerful effective presentation

Communicate your ideas clearly and bring those messages to life. Our team will ensure that you leave a deep lasting impression on your audiences and look awesome doing it through effective presentation slide design.

We do more than just making things ‘look pretty’. Your presentation visuals are custom-created for your brand and audience using professional stock imagery and illustrated infographics. Typography and color choices are only the tip of the iceberg, we even go as far as interviewing relevant stakeholders in your organization to select the most optimal imagery to represent your ideas.

What we help you to do includes:

  • Reviewing your existing presentation deck and visuals
  • Conducting research and analysis on competitor presentations so yours stands out
  • Custom-branded visual theme based off your company’s unique identity
  • Building your presentation on software of choice ( PowerPoint / Keynote )
  • Optimizing visuals to bolster your message and story.
  • Utilize best-practices we’ve gathered from working with clients across industries
Educate my team on how to build better presentations
Presentation Design Training

Effective presentation design and storytelling ain’t rocket science, they are approaches that can be taught regardless of software-skill competency and past experiences.

By empowering your champions to tell your brand stories through persuasive presentations, your organization tells a single quality story as a whole. We help your team(s) communicate better, bring your brand forward and exceed expectations through our presentation design training.

Learn more about our training programs

Case Study: Renesas

Sunil Dhar, President of Renesas India was slated to speak at the Renesas DevCon conference on the future of India as a smart city. Read more about how we helped him tackle this challenging presentation to a diverse audiences of millenials, business owners and industry innovators.

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“I found the team to be very personable, proactive and professional . The results had no doubt, exceeded my expectations from both a visual and functional standpoint.”
Paul Higgins

Founder, ThinkToAct

“There are few vendors I have worked with in the past 20 years that I would put in my (best vendor) category….The High Spark team is one of them!”
Michael Johnson

Regional VP, Graebel

“They are a joy to work with – very understanding, creative and efficient. They understood the brief really well and managed to deliver what we wanted, through both the content and aesthetics.“
Julia Tan

Team Lead, MyNewsDesk Asia

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Make Your Audience Go: ‘WOW!’

Forget run-off-the-mill presentations. We help you level-up your stories by utilizing cinematic visuals and imagery to showcase your brand in it’s best light through bespoke presentation design and storytelling.