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Join 11,000+ other executives that have gotten buy-in,
earned yeses and aced their presentations.

Storytelling for business in an essential skill in today’s world where we’re becoming more and more detached because of technology. Learn to connect, captivate and compel action from your audiences through storytelling!

After serving several leaders from soaring startups to Fortune 500 companies over the course of 3 years, it became clear to us the distinctions between presentations that successfully raise money, win sales/buy-in and those that didn’t ; 

The ability to tell a persuasive story.

With these 9 lessons we’ve prepared for you, you’ll learn the exact techniques that we propose to our consulting clients to close 6 figure deals, influence audiences and win with stories.

Here’s what you’ll be learning…

We’ve designed this course to level-up your storytelling so by the end of it you’ll have plenty of actionable tips to put into practice for your next presentation. We kept each lesson brief and clear (i.e. about 5 minutes to read each.) 

LESSON 1: Why no one ‘got’ your presentation

LESSON 2: The biggest mistake presenters make

LESSON 3: Avoiding the curse of knowledge

LESSON 4: Who is the hero of your story?

LESSON 5: Using the Power Of Familiarity to sell complex ideas

LESSON 6: How to conquer your Presentation

LESSON 7: How using quotes adds credibility to your presentation

LESSON 8: The underlying structure of persuasive business stories

LESSON 9: The tiny change that dramatically increases your presentation’s success rate

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