Demystifying the buzzword

Storytelling is important

Effective business storytelling is no easy feat. With most presentations, you’ve only got one shot to make or break it. This is why our writers have worked hard to perfect our storytelling process so you can hit the bull’s eye every time.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

We’ve all seen many presentations that, whilst earnest, fail to structure their content in a way that is meaningful and persuasive. We want to see you succeed in getting your message across to your intended audience so that you can achieve your business goals.

With your knowledge and our storytelling know-how, here’s how we make it happen:



We learn about your industry, brand and where you stand out.

Audience Analysis

We study your audience persona(s) and conceptualize angles that will resonate with them

Story Creation

We propose an outline using proven storytelling techniques so you get your message across in a way people listen and remember.


We modify and improve your story through multiple rounds of feedback

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The iterative process ensures that all structural inconsistencies are rooted out and any lingering doubts are addressed. With this system, we can create a presentation that is a reflection of your business and what you stand for, and better align your presentation to your target audience and your long-term goals.

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