Plan a Transformational Training Experience For Your Team Minus The Stress

Our experienced learning consultant will help you get clear on the right programs that will get your learners raving and your KPIs met for Learning & Development.

“I highly recommend the workshop and coaching because it really enables you to discover a different side of yourself. It will benefit anybody who speaks in public about their business.

Julian Le Noble

Senior Director, SmartFolios

“Their workshops are always delivered with a sheen of excellence. 100% of our startups have also expressed incredibly positive feedback especially on practicality and insight. Their personal touch and tenacity to sprint the extra mile, really go a long way”

Shi Khai Wei

Chief Operating Officer, Longhash

In this no-obligation learning strategy call, learn: how to create transformational soft-skill learning programs that will have your teams raving and furiously applying skills discovered during their workshops. We’ll help you remove stress from planning and win praise from your management.

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During this learning strategy call you’ll discover…

? Your Hidden Blindspots & Mistakes

We’ll point out the blindspots and mistakes you’re making based on our experience working with #1 market leaders so you can focus on fixing them


?What The Best Are Doing

We’ll share anecdotes and case studies on how our clients overcame the same challenges you’re now facing resulting in 95% attendee satisfaction, L&D KPIs met and holistic learning programs planned.


?What To Do Next

Based on what we find from the info you provide, you’ll get tailored, actionable tips you can immediately apply to begin planning your internal Learning initiatives for the year to help attendees grow while making your job as coordinator stress-free.

““The course by HighSpark has truly transformed the way we approach communications!

Teams began applying the techniques learned almost immediately in everyday work — I think that’s the greatest result we could’ve asked for.”

Martin Schaefer

MD, Bassler & Hoffman

“They teach practical tips and techniques, backed up by research, customised for needs of organisation. They consistently role models the techniques they recommend”

Angela Wu

Manager, Singapore International Foundation

“One of the most brilliant things is that you work on your actual, not hypothetical business pitch, so you can immediately see the impact of the course.


Marketing Director APAC, Rapyd

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