Modern sales skills for B2B sales reps and rainmakers

Equip sales teams with the right words, mindsets and approaches to winning new opportunities in B2B

Support teams from best-in-class brand across industries

Your customers no longer want to be ‘sold to’, but guided

Shrinking budgets and prospects opting out of cold-calling lists means sales teams will be given a run for their money

No more ‘pitch-slapping’

Pitching right out the door means a trip to the ‘Spam’ folder. Learn new ways to reach your customers

Master Social Selling

Prospects buy from people they trust. Learn to build digital brands that facilitate smooth selling

Leverage storytelling

Taught by experts in Narrative-led Growth, sales teams can build authority and relationships faster to close higher ticket opportunities

B2B Pitching

Learn the components of winning, 
irresistible sales pitches and how to 
pitch complex products with ease in a 
B2B setting

Negotiation Skills

Learn how to handle objections and
tough stakeholders to win without
giving in

B2B Story-selling

Leverage storytelling to contextualise information and develop messages that make selling to prospects effortless and relevant


Social Selling

Master B2B channels like Linkedin to
build magnetic personal brands that 
galvanise sales and attract opportunity

Modern strategies for unprecedented times

No more ABCs (Always Be Closing) or general sales tropes. Master skills of modern rainmakers that win in any environment and setting, online or offline.

Make the complex, compelling

Uniquely constructed to help
B2B sales teams articulate
and sell even the most complex

Relevant mediums

Learn to leverage new platforms
where buyers actually hang out.
Reach them in natural, proven
ways that work

not force

Master techniques that
facilitate the sale rather than
push customers to buy. This
reduces cognitive dissonance