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Bite-sized animated explainer videos that make your ideas clear, persuasive and shareable in 2 mins or less

Trusted by household names to enhance their stories through video

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Move more product with a video that sells on replay

Explain your complex proposition, leverage the power of moving images to invite customers into your story

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Company Story Introduction

Humanise your brand, attract partners, customers and new hires.

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Customer Testimonials

Let happy and satisfied customers do the selling for you. Convince skeptical prospects.

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Product Explainers

Highlight the key product features and propositions that make you stand out and win more business

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From storyboard to screen
built with your goals in mind

Every video follows the same proven process to deliver consistent results for our clients and their customers

1/Objective Audit Research

We understand your company and products, aligning with your team to include only the right information into your video.

2/Storyboard & Concept Design

We build out frames and swatches for you to get clear on the general direction. Once this is approved, we move to scripting.

3/Video Production & Animation

We produce actual drafts with and without music/SFX till the story is complete and final.

Explainer videos can be a game-changer for your firm

Works best for companies that:
Sell solutions that are difficult to understand
Want to pre-frame prospects before sales meetings
Aim to scale their marketing aggressively
Face challenges articulating your business ideas

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between video production and animated explainer videos?
Both are similar in a way that they involve moving images and sound put together toward achieving objectives. The difference is animated explainers (2d/3d) offer you a way to create worlds or concepts that might be harder to produce in real life. It makes delivering conceptual ideas much clearer and simpler to grasp. You have much more control versus a live shoot.
How long does an explainer video production take?
At minimum, a standard production timeline for an animated explainer video is anywhere from 6-10 weeks, which also depends on feedback rounds, revisions along the way. Fully animated videos tend to be shorter versus ones that requires live shot scenes that may impact logistical factors.
How much does an explainer video cost?
It largely depends on the length/duration , the complexity of the video and the style. Higher-end explainers can run into the range of more than $20,000 and more than $35,000 for live action. Simpler videos can run below cost but typically cost about $15,000 as a starting point. Send an enquiry in so we can advise you better!
What are the stages of video production?
We always begin with concept, storyboarding and style. This typically is a process done to align with the client on the general direction and objectives of the video. The full storyboard in low-fidelity typically follows after to get clear on the script, narration and flow of the video. These are then enhanced into a high-fidelity storyboard followed by 3-4 drafts. Once animation is fixed, SFX, music and voiceovers will be integrated.
Can I involve my whole team?
We highly recommend limiting to fewer liaisions. More chefs tend to spoil the broth and changes in animated explainers tend to take much more work than simple edits of wordings. Including stakeholders at the conceptualising stage is recommended to align on direction, but key creative decisions should be left to one or two key stakeholders max.
How do you measure success?
This defers for various companies. For some, they use it as a sales tool and track their conversions before-and-after using the video in process. For others, they may track engagement and video views when uploaded to hosting platforms.