100% Online and Virtual Soft-Skills Workshops To Help Teams Thrive In Uncertain Times

Highly engaging, 100% virtual (and safe). Learn soft-skills from the comfort of home or the office

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Stay Relevant And Win In The ‘New Normal’

Explore our climate-relevant live online training programmes catered for teams anywhere

Turn Crisis Into Conversations

Discover how to become your customers’ trusted advisor in crisis and beyond

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Turn Employees Into Digital Brand Advocates

Leverage the collective individual powers of your team to create a strong social media brand presence and to win more customers organically


Deliver engaging digital presentations

Make your presence felt over the screen and keep your digital audiences at the edge of their seats


Develop a Virtual Team Culture

Create the right environment for high productivity and performance virtually


Win More Business In Uncertain Times with Storytelling techniques

Leverage storytelling principles to win your prospects’ hearts and minds, and have them excited to pay for your expertise

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Multiple Learning Formats, Maximum Outcomes

We’ve perfected facilitation techniques that keep learners engaged while maximising learning

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Live Virtual Sessions

100% digital and 100% interactive. We leverage the latest collaborative software to hold highly engaging soft skills training all over video conference.

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Blended Learning

Get a crash-course introduction to developing effective presentations and visual literacy skills in just a few hours! Participants get a taste of our full programme.

Truth is: There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ format

To find the most optimal learning format, we need to consider a variety of factors (e.g.learning outcomes, proficiency of learners, schedule etc.)

Speak with us to discover what works best for you!

Equally as engaging & effective as offline

“Sessions are fun, engaging and learners gain applicable takeaways for their respective professions”

Charlene Lim

Senior HR Manager

“Time management was great and session is engaging. I almost didn’t notice it was 4 hours long”

MBA Candidate at SMU

PDS Program (Data Storytelling)

“Very clear communication. We were able to stay engaged despite it being held over Video Conference”

MBA Candidate at SMU

PDS Program (Visual Presentations)