Especially for L&D and HR Executives That Organise Soft-Skills Training


How To Organise Effective Virtual Soft-Skills Training Without Losing Learner Attention

If you apply the techniques properly, your virtual training can be even MORE interactive and effective than offline training

Dear HR and L&D folks,

Co-Vid has radically changed your learning and development plan, hasn’t it?
You’re caught in a triple-whammy dilemma.

  • Virtual training leaves room for fatal mistakes – endless distractions, lack of engagement and a high risk of not achieving learning goals, wasting your training budget with non-competent trainers.
  • There’s no visibility of when the situation will improve, so putting off programs to ‘wait it out’ might leave you rushing in the end.
  • During a crisis, the ability to communicate and lead effectively has become more essential an urgent than ever.

Like it or not, workers continue to communicate more virtually even after they head back to the office. Soft skills are no longer exclusively relevant to the offline context, it’s become an essential skill online too.

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Can soft-skills training be effectively conducted online?

Absolutely! In fact, online learning can be equally (and at times even more) as engaging versus offline learning.

In this interactive webinar, you’ll uncover the essential components needed to bring soft-skills learning online without compromising the learning experience and outcomes of your teams.

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I’ll help you get there.

I’m Kai Xin, Forbes 30 Under 30 Honouree and Master Trainer at our award-winning communications & training agency: HighSpark.

For the past half a decade, we’ve worked closely with C-suite executives  and trained thousands of executives from Fortune 100 companies to use our ‘Secret Sauce’ framework to win in high-stakes presentation moments. Couple of years ago,  I also received the “World’s Best Story Teller” citation endorsed by HRD World Storytelling Congress in Mumbai. 

As a result of our work, clients have brought in more than $70M worth of value to their companies collectively.

See How Learners Feel About Our Approach To Online Learning:

“Sessions are fun and engaging, and learners gain applicable take-aways for their respective professions.”


Charlene Lim, Senior Manager, Human Resource, Attended a 100% Virtual full day workshop

“Very clear communication and able to engage despite over Video Conference. Outstanding.”


Executive MBA Candidate, Local University, Attended a 100% virtual half-day workshop

“Time management is great and the workshop is engaging (didn’t feel like it was 4 hours long).”


Executive MBA Candidate, Local University, Attended a 100% virtual half-day Data Storytelling workshop

“Despite the challenges of conducting workshops over Zoom, the instructor was engaging and knowledgeable to conduct the workshop and maintain interest in the subject content.”


Executive MBA Candidate, Local University, Attended a 100% virtual half-day Visual Presentation workshop

If you’re an HR or L&D executive looking to explore leveraging virtual programs for your company while still retaining most of the benefits of soft-skills training offline…

Join Us On This FREE Webinar

Where we’ll reveal to you, the proven way to approach organising virtual runs so that learners leave happy, educated and apply concepts directly to work.

All while leaving you with less administrative headache and overblown budgets. (no need for expensive venues or buffets)

If you apply what you learn here actively and QUICKLY, you’ll get to fulfil your L&D KPIs for the year more quickly while others are trying to ‘wait-it-out’

In this 90-minute webinar, we’ll be sharing:

The top 3 most effective and affordable online learning formats and solutions that even non-techies can leverage.


Best practices on what should be done before, during and after an online learning session so learners remember and apply.


'Little-known' skills and hacks to engage learners virtually while facilitating learning. (hint:it’s not about using quizzes and polls)

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