Award-Winning Method To Design Visual Presentations

100% guided and proven process to turn complex information into visually persuasive stories
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Our Unique S.P.I.L.L formula

SPILL process
It looks a little something like this:


In this course, you will uncover the breakdown of the process in order to achieve the same effect. 

In turn, you can look forward to winning more deals, more contracts and more respect from your audience if applied correctly.

That’s how we secured top Fortune 500 clients, got on the list of Forbes 30 Under 30, grew our business by 7.5 times and recently won an award for our training programmes.

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In our attention-deficit information age, text vomit and monotonous visuals leave you with a huge disadvantage. The Visual Persuasion programme will teach you how to become a visual thinker. Learners will walk away with concepts and approaches that will change the way they build presentation visuals.

They’ll return to work with a new set of lenses to audit their old presentations and transform their dense and dull slide decks by turning endless paragraphs of words and bullets into pictures and diagrams that simplify complex information. 

Through case study exercises and structured P.I.L.L process, participants will learn to:

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Design presentations that are suitable for different contexts or nature


Communicate key messages quickly and effectively with powerful and purposeful visuals


Un-bury key messages and organising text and visual content in a way that helps the audience to understand.


Skilfully use visual elements such as colours, fonts, shapes to make the key message pop.

9 comprehensive online modules

Module 1: Introduction to design that works
  • Slide vs Slide-document
  • The S.P.I.L.L Process
  • Tips to synthesise your slides (with case example)
  • Exercise: Break down long sentences into key points
Module 2: Imagery
  • 3 types of imagery & selecting the right photo

  • Photos: Which is better? Illustrations or real-life photos?

  • Photos: Free resources

  • Photos: Beware of Google images!

  • Photos: What to NOT do

  • Icons: Visual Bullet Points

  • Icons: Free resource & tips

  • Leverage the power of inference

  • Exercise: Visual brainstorming (10mins)

  • Metaphorical diagrams

  • Use visual words

  • Use analogies

Module 3: Layout
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Fill the slide
  • Rule of thirds 
  • Different layouts
  • How to choose the right layout
  • Exercise: Sketch the layout of your slide
Module 4: Look
  • Introduction to Look

  • Typography hierarchy to amplify keywords

  • Typography hierarchy to simplify your slide

  • Typography: Fonts & recommended combinations

  • Shapes: Amplify key message

  • Shapes: The dos and don’ts

  • Colours: Best practices

  • Colours: Recommended colour palettes

  • Introduction to the creation of a mood board

  • Creating a mood board (Example)

  • Exercise: Create your own style guide 

  • How you should apply the style guide to your slides

Module 5: Powerpoint time-saving tips
  • Hotkeys
  • Quick format and how to set default styles
  • PowerPoint Add-ins (Icons)
  • An effective way of using Smart Art
  • Quick duplicate
Module 6: Powerpoint design tips
  • Hotkeys
  • Quick format and how to set default styles
  • PowerPoint Add-ins (Icons)
  • An effective way of using Smart Art
  • Quick duplicate
Module 7: Powerpoint design hacks
  • How to insert an image in a shape
  • Cool hack! Crop image in a few shape
  • Reduce file size
  • Adding Macros on PowerPoint
  • Copy of Create gradient on ppt
  • Functional animations


Module 8: Time-saving hacks
  • Smart layouts
  • The right way of using Slide Masters to save time
  • Creating slide layouts and slide masters
  • Saving your custom slide template
Module 9: Data Visualisation
  • 3-step formula to data visualisation

  • Step 1: Identify 
    • Finding the right chart for the key message
    • Infographics
  • Step 2: Simplify
    • Remove elements that don’t clarify the message 
    • Best practices: 1 key message per chart and slide
  • Step 3: Amplify 
    • Contrast with shapes, size, colours  
    • Elements that tell a story 

“Very clear communication and able to engage despite over VC. Outstanding.”

MBA Student

“Sessions are fun, engaging and learners gain applicable take-aways for their respective professions.”

Charlene Lim

HR Manager

What is included

course overview visual

8 Modules

Led by Forbes30U30 Honouree and Master Trainer at HighSpark, Koh Kai Xin, you’ll learn all you need to prepare a convincing story narrative from scratch with tutorials and exercises.

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Exclusive done-for-you resources

Usually reserved for our corporate clients – now made accessible to you. You’ll have an unfair advantage at the workplace.. Shhh don’t tell anyone.
before and after 1

Before and after examples

The trainer will demonstrate to you how you can revamp your slides. This is a service that our clients pay for us to do and you get it at no cost!  

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Hands-on case studies & exercises

These unique case study examples depicting various scenarios ensure 100% guided application of the principles you learn. You’ll have no excuse not to take action.

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Personalised feedback

Get personal guidance from the Trainer herself at every step of the way. Suggestions for improvement will be recorded and sent to you after each submission.

Live zoom coaching 1 e1597230513314

Live Zoom Coaching

For corporate runs only! Review and share progress, ideas, and best practices. The trainer will be there to ensure you’ve internalised the learnings.

Heard enough? Enroll today

Payment is processed and secured by Stripe and PayPal by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.

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Your instructor

Kai Xin, Forbes 30 Under 30 Honouree and Master Trainer at our award-winning communications agency: HighSpark.

For the past half a decade, Kai Xin has worked closely with C-suite executives  and trained thousands of executives from Fortune 100 companies to use our ‘Secret Sauce’ framework to win in high-stakes presentation moments. Couple of years ago,  she also received the “World’s Best Story Teller” citation endorsed by HRD World Storytelling Congress in Mumbai.

As a result of our work, clients have brought in more than $50M worth of value to their companies collectively.

Here’s a handful of organisations that I’ve had the privilege of working with

Changi airport
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Why this is different from other Presentation Design courses?


We’ve designed and tested it vigorously

Too many courses out there share theories without application. We’ve tested these methods you’ll be learning with clients from 100s of industries – and they work.

Design principles that can be applied everywhere

This is not the typical PowerPoint 101 course. We recognise that tools and softwares would change but the principles don’t. These principles will allow you to use visuals purposefully to clarify your key messages.  


We help people tell visual stories for a living

For the past 7 years, I’ve helped our clients successfully achieve their desired results with visual narratives, it’s not a ‘side-hobby’ for me and my team. We get results and we’re good at it. Period.

“HighSpark weaved Behavioural Science into the Art of Presentation Design. They demonstrated how simple efforts can drive huge impact, and introduced techniques to turn a jumble of words and numbers into meaningful visual content. Certainly a ‘must-attend’.”


Digital Specialist, Singapore Management University

Looking to conduct multiple runs for your teams?

Here’s the package rate if you book 3 or more runs*

*Notes for package fees for multiple runs.

1.  These rates only apply when the 3 courses are booked at a same time and reflected in a single signed quotation and/or Purchase Order document. 

2. These rates do not apply in the event that 3 runs of the same course are booked separately across the year. 

3. The fee includes one-time customisation, which will be done at the start of the engagement. The customisation include crafting contextual case studies, before and after examples, curriculum. 

Subsequently, these tailored materials will be used for all 3 runs of the course. Should the client require HighSpark to customise the course for each run, additional fees will be applied (on a case by case basis). 

4. Payment terms: 

(a) For Private institutions, a deposit of SGD 1,500 shall be paid upfront as deposit while the remaining balance to be split evenly into three, with the amount due upon the completion of the project. The amounts shall be paid via Bank Transfer. 

(b) For Government agencies, invoice instructions shall be generated and issue. to HighSpark via Vendors@Gov. The full package fee will be split evenly into three, and due within 30 days upon the completion of the project.


Blended Workshops for individuals

Common Questions

how long will the course take?

Overall, you would need about 6 hours to complete all the modules, exercises, and assignments. Some learners spend more time finishing the exercises and some less. 

6 hours is a rough estimation. 

You can complete the online modules at anytime within the year. However, we encourage you to complete them within a month to achieve immediate application.

Can you bill this to my company?

A receipt will be sent to you upon successful purchase. You may use that to claim for reimbursement from your company. 

For individual purchases, payment via credit card will allow you immediate access to the course. 

Billing to an organisation is reserved for spend above SGD 1,500.

Can I request to be coached?

Yes you can. But this will be billable according to the scope. If you wish to customise the individual package, please contact our training consultant at [email protected] or +65 8123 2362 for more information.

Do you accept other currencies?

This course is in Singapore Dollars.

For individual purchases via credit card, foreign exchange fees and agent fees might apply. These fees are to be absorbed by the cardholder. 

Blended Workshops for teams

Common Questions

What if I have more or less number of pax vs what's stated?

The corporate packages come in flat rates and not based on a per pax calculation.

This means, the fees for a class of 8 will be that of the “up to 12 pax” package; fees for a class of 16 will be that of an “up to 20 pax” package.

What is the difference between blended, virtual, offline?


A combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning that’s stretch out over a week or a month.  The benefits of blended learning are plenty:


  • learners can juggle their life and work commitments on top of learning.
  • learners can learn at their own pace and speed based on their proficiency level. 
  • learners are better able to internalise and apply concepts.
  • learners take charge of their learning through individual assignments in the self-paced components while learn from their peers in the live group coaching/discussion session. 

Based on the survey results, the majority of learners preferred blended learning (versus traditional offline) and gave a higher effectiveness score for it. 



Traditional 1-day workshop with in-class activities and group work. Learning happens synchronously. 


A cut and paste of the offline version of the workshop. This means, learners will learn synchronously over a full-day virtual session over a web conferencing app. 

We do not recommend this approach, especially for this course.  

When will the zoom coaching be?

For corporate runs, the Zoom coaching component can be split into a few sessions adding up to a total of 3 hours.  The trainer will discuss with your company’s liaison officer to determine how best to sequence the Zoom session(s) with the self-paced learning modules. 


Here are some options: 

1. Self-paced + one session of 3-hour Zoom 

2. 1 hour Zoom + Self-paced + 1 hour Zoom + Self-paced + 1 hour Zoom

3. 1 hour Zoom + Self-paced + 2-hour Zoom

Can I convert this into an offline course?


There are 2 options, which you can choose from for the offline format. 

Option A: Full Offline

Offline classes will be conducted in a full-day synchronous workshop at the client’s premise or selected venue. The packages here do not include cost of Venue, Refreshments, Logistics.

For this option, learners will have a copy of printed worksheets. Learners will not be able to access any digital materials including digital worksheets and online videos. 

Option B: Blended (Offline + Online)

Live Zoom coaching components will be converted into a half-day in-person synchronous group coaching session. 

Self-paced modules will remain. 

For this option, learners will be able to access any digital materials including digital worksheets and online videos.  


Prices may differ. 


What are the payment terms?

Lunch is not provided but there will be light refreshments during the tea breaks. The nearest eateries are at Fusionopolis and Timbre+. 

What if I have more than 20 pax

We recommend clients to keep the class size small for optimal engagement through the screen. Do contact us at [email protected] or +65 8123 2362 if you’d like us to make special arrangements. Additional fees apply for additional number of learners. 

Can I get a refund if some learners drop out?

The payment is non-refundable if you cannot make it for the workshop. The learner may transfer his/her slot to another person. If so, do inform us at least 5 working-days in advance via email [email protected] so we can email the blended course instructions to the right learners. 

What platforms will you be using to conduct the course?

Live group coaching will be conducted on Zoom with security measures in place. While Zoom is our preferred option, you are free to suggest what works for you based on your IT guidelines.

All self-paced modules are hosted on Thinkific. They include video modules, downloadable materials and resources.

Learners are required to create a user account in order to gain access to the course materials. They are also required to upload their completed assignments directly on Thinkific. 

What does the Zoom coaching session entail?

Coaching session is meant to:

  • ensure you have successful grasp the concepts that are imparted in the self-paced modules.
  • address specific challenges regarding application of learning

You may choose to seek support for any of your work challenges related to the course topic.

Can I tap on government grants for this?

This course is not eligible for government subsidies. But we are working on this.