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Who do we help best?

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We help these people:

Learning & Development Executives

In charge of planning effective training initiatives for various departments in an organisation to fulfil learnings objectives


HR Heads or Executives

Responsible for developing human capital by ensuring they learn and apply effective skills over time to impact the organisation


Marketing and Sales Heads

You manage a team of high potential staff that represent and articulate your brand to the public. A team trained in storytelling and persuasion helps you hit your KPIs.

To achieve these outcomes:

Visible Improvements From Soft Skills Training

Ensure teams learn skills, rave about programs and immediately apply after attending training


Holistic Development Of Executives

Provide leaders with the right skills to succeed and in turn grow their own teams


Increase Productivity and Buy-In From External and Internal Stakeholders

Empower client facing teams that directly impact the bottomline with new skills to stand out in the market


What our partners* say about us:

(Others refer to them as ‘clients’)


“As a product manager who does a lot of pitches and project updates, I find this session very useful. From presentation mental frameworks to
visuals to delivery, this course not only shed a lot of light on how to make more persuasive presentation, but also grows my self awareness
about how I present. Will definitely recommend this to everyone!

Product Manager, Shopback

“Glad to have signed up for the course. The instructor was effective and dedicated in imparting her knowledge. The session extended beyond the stipulated time because we took a longer tea break but no complaints from here. Through her step by step guidance, I was able to create better slides. Thumbs up!
Wang Cui Ling

Lecturer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“The course by HighSpark has truly transformed the way we approach communications!

Teams began applying the techniques learned almost immediately in everyday work — I think that’s the greatest result we could’ve asked for.”


Managing Director, Bassler & Hoffman

They are true professionals in storytelling. From impactful presentations to tailored guidance, their workshops are always delivered with a sheen of excellence. After the first time we worked with them, it was clear it would go on to become a recurring relationship built on professionalism and goodwill. All our startups have also expressed incredibly positive feedback, especially on practicality and insight. Their personal touch and tenacity to sprint the extra mile, really go a long way.
Wei Shi Khai

COO, Longhash

“Practical tips and techniques, backed up by research. Customised for needs of organisation, with relevant and useful demos of how slides can be improved so you can immediately see the impact various changes make. The instructor was excellent, and consistently role models the techniques she recommends!
Angela Wu

Manager, SIF

“The instructor is an empathetic, energetic and engaging trainer. Throughout the day she brought us through the logic and process of creating an impactful presentation, with multiple feedback loops. One of the most brilliant things is that you work on your actual, not hypothetical business pitch, so you can immediately see the impact of the course.”

Marketing Director(APAC), Rapyd

‘The instructor elevated everyone’s ability to prepare and tell better stories with her 5Ps, engagement strategies, and ideas for visuals.’
Tia Blythe

Biz Ops Manager, AWS

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