ACE Kopi-chat | Covid-19 Series

Storytelling techniques to win more business during Covid-19

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About the Speaker

I’m Kai Xin, Forbes 30 Under 30 Honouree and Master Trainer at our award-winning communications agency: HighSpark.

For the past half a decade, we’ve worked closely with C-suite executives  and trained thousands of executives from Fortune 100 companies to use our ‘Secret Sauce’ framework to win in high-stakes presentation moments. Couple of years ago,  I also received the “World’s Best Story Teller” citation endorsed by HRD World Storytelling Congress in Mumbai. 

As a result of our work, clients have brought in more than $50M worth of value to their companies collectively.

Here’s a handful of organisations that I’ve had the privilege of working with

Changi airport
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