Do you really need PowerPoint Training?

Pick the right presentation training course your team needs

So you just got a mandate from your management to improve the communication and presentation skills of your team(s)…

First thought: Let’s send them for a technical PowerPoint course.

This’ll help them own their presentations right? Wrong.

We have news for you: Teaching your team the technical aspects of PowerPoint is not automatically going to make them better communicators.

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Just ask the U.S. Army that said that ‘PowerPoint makes us stupid’. Let’s be realistic, PowerPoint has become so ubiquitous that most people have a basic proficiency with the software.

Yet, a large percentage of the 30million presentations delivered every day take forever to develop and still leave much to be desired. If lack of software knowledge is not the problem, then what is?

Are you sending your team to another unfruitful ‘PowerPoint 101’ Training?

Face it, past teams didn’t improve that much, what makes the next PowerPoint Training any different? What they haven’t yet been taught is how to approach the software and develop a persuasive presentation.

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Software-Driven Training

Most PowerPoint Training courses centre around the software, teaching teams the functions and technical features of PowerPoint
PowerPoint Training Singapore - Presentation Training

Approach-Driven Training

Few providers tackle the underlying gaps and focus on storytelling techniques and messaging approaches to improve communications

Don’t just master hotkeys, use PowerPoint to communicate better

Here’s a tip, ask your training provider these hard-hitting questions:

  • Will participants be able to simplify complex messages?
  • Can they apply the concepts for their very next presentation?
  • Without the software, will they still be able to develop a good presentation?

If the answer is No:

You’re not sending your team to a communication skills workshop,
but a technical instructional.

Our courses teach the skills that matter

Industry-tested methods to presentation success

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Storytelling Techniques

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Visual Literacy

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Audience Awareness

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