Persuasive Presentations Training Course

The curriculum introduces a powerful blend of storytelling and visual design techniques so organisational leaders can truly cover all the stops in persuasive communication from spoken word to cinematic design.

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see visible results immediately after

does your team struggle to present ideas clearly?


Is explaining what you do complicated?


Did your last presentation flop?


Is it time to revamp your pitch?


Are you struggling to get new leads?


Do you need to align your brand story?


Is putting together presentations difficult?

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text to visual persuasive presentations that sell workshop

Convert Text To Visuals

Presentations cluttered with text are notorious for leaving prospects bored and putting audiences to sleep. We teach learners to use visuals to engage.

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Proven Story Structures

Learners can tap on the proven expertise of our in-house  storytelling framework used to develop winning presentations for Fortune 500 companies.

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Visible Results

Learners that have attended our flagship program have a 97% satisfaction rate with many taking back succinct, clear presentations right after training.

If you use presentations at work, you’ll benefit from this training. 

“The principles that I learnt during the workshop are going to stay with me forever and will be implemented in my future presentations. I’m really happy I had the opportunity to attend.”

Piush Kansal
Outside Innovation Associate, RB


Who is it for?

This presentation skills course is recommended for sales professionals, leaders and anyone who wants to take their presentations to the next level using both effective storytelling and visual design for high-stakes instances when it counts. We’ve even had admin staff and secretaries attend with rave reviews.


Creating a compelling multi-sensory experience gives companies an edge in brand communication. This workshop educates teams on how to combine best practices on storytelling and design to create star-studded presentations that get results beyond just the software.

a curriculum with both storytelling and design best practices


Catering stories for different audiences


Re-usable stories, parables and anecdotes


Storyboarding techniques to plan your presentation.


Where to find usable stories for presentations

Simplify complex messages, data, facts and figures

Visualizing text and data using images

Creative and lateral thinking using analogies

Quick hacks on presentation design

PowerPoint Software Hacks for Speed


Hands on case studies and exercises

Utilising colors and typography

Proven process for quality design, faster

learning objective: developing persuasive presenters

The (PPTS) workshop focuses on imparting skills and sharing tools that participants can put to use immediately to achieve these objectives:

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Create Memorable Experiences

Using proven story structures and cinematic visuals, it becomes easier to persuade and connect with your audiences by creating a novel presentation experience to be remembered.

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Get audiences to take desired action

Want to sell your ideas, products or service? Get your audiences to take a step towards the objective. Learn to convert your messaging and visual mastery into action.

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Leverage Visuals For business Success

Learn to use both the power of impactful visuals and evocative storytelling to captivate your audiences and drive results for your organisation and teams.

live workshops held by experts

Cinematic Storytelling Demystified

A great foundation for any executive who delivers presentations regularly. Learn techniques in our training that will help you create persuasive presentations like a pro in 2 days or less.

Can you conduct the training on-site?

Yes, we can send our trainer(s) down to your venue. For technical training, we’ll require a working projector for your staff to practice and logistical equipment such as flip charts.

What's different about this program?

This workshop offers a combination ( or some call it the best of both worlds ) of storytelling concepts and visual literacy know-how. We highly recommend this workshop to organizational teams that are new to unconventional approaches of presentation design and storytelling. There are plenty of ‘PowerPoint’ workshops, but we focused on the approach towards the software that has helped some of the top companies see massive ROI.

Do I need to bring my computer?

You won’t be needing your computer as the program will be run utilizing everyday office stationery like sticky-notes and markers. The aim of the workshop is to impart an ‘approach’ to storytelling with or without technology. Depending on the duration of workshop selected, we may or may not include PowerPoint exercises in a customized program.

How many people does this workshop take?

We recommend typically around 12-15 pax to accommodate to small to medium-sized groups of 4-5 to ensure smooth flow of group exercises and adequate personal attention from the facilitators. Additional learners means we’ll need more manpower to ensure learners have a meaningful experience.

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