The Persuasive Presentations That Sell is a presentation skills course meant for organisations that want to achieve maximum results from their presentations through telling effective Visual Stories that drives action.

When persuasive content meet captivating visuals, world-class presentations are born. Visionary leaders like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are testimony to this statement.

The curriculum introduces a powerful blend of storytelling and visual design techniques so organisational leaders can truly cover all the stops in persuasive communication from spoken word to cinematic design.

This workshop educates teams on how to combine best practices on storytelling and design to create star-studded presentations that get results.

The curriculum includes :


  1. How to cater stories for different audiences
  2. Re-usable stories, parables and anecdotes.
  3. Storyboarding techniques to plan your presention.
  4. Where to find stories

Presentation Design:

  1. Simplify complex messages, data, facts and figures
  2. Visualizing text and data
  3. Crafting a visual story
  4. Communicating ideas with clarity
  5. Creative and lateral thinking
  6. Quick hacks on presentation design
  7. Quick hacks on PowerPoint
  8. Hands on case studies and PowerPoint exercises
Persuasive Presentations That Sell Example

Cinematic Storytelling Demystified

A great foundation for any executive who delivers presentations regularly. Learn techniques that will help you create persuasive presentations like a pro.

Who is it for?

Creating a compelling multi-sensory experience gives companies an edge in brand communication. This presentation skills course is recommended for sales professionals, leaders and anyone who wants to take their presentations to the next level using both effective storytelling and visual design.

Learning Objectives

The (PPTS) workshop focuses on imparting skills and sharing tools that participants can put to use immediately to achieve these objectives:
Create a Novel Experience

Using proven story structures and cinematic visuals, it becomes easier to persuade and connect with your audiences by creating a novel presentation experience.

Influence change in behaviours

Get your audience to take a step towards the objective. Learn to convert your messaging and visual mastery into action.

Win with Visuals

Learn to use both the power of impactful visuals and evocative storytelling to captivate your audiences and drive results.

Can you come down to our office to do the training?

Yes, we can send our trainer(s) down to your venue. For technical training, we’ll require a working projector for your staff to practice.

What’s different about this program versus the others?

This workshop offers a combination ( or some call it the best of both worlds ) of storytelling concepts and visual literacy know-how. We highly recommend this workshop to organizational teams that are new to unconventional approaches of presentation design and storytelling

Do I need to bring my computer?

You won’t be needing your computer as the program will be run utilizing everyday office stationery like sticky-notes and markers. The aim of the workshop is to impart an ‘approach’ to storytelling with or without technology. Depending on the duration of workshop selected, we may or may not include PowerPoint exercises in a customized program.

How many people does this workshop take?

We recommend maximum 30 pax to accommodate to small to medium-sized groups of 4-5 to ensure smooth flow of group exercises and adequate personal attention from the facilitators.

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