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Venture Fundraising

Convince Investors

Turn skeptical investors into converts that open their chequebooks.

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Internal Pitches

Win Internal Buy-In

Get ideas accepted and decisions made without endless back-and-forth

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Public Speaking: A billion-dollar communication skill

Public speaking proven boost careers

A Prezi survey confirmed that 70% of people agree that public speaking skills are critical to career success. Unsurprisingly, the best public speakers tend to get ahead and rank among the likes of top politicians, celebrities and the C-Suite. It’s a must-have skill especially in today’s business landscape where automation is taking over.

Venture Fundraising

Convince Investors

Turn skeptical investors into converts that open their chequebooks.

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Internal Pitches

Win Internal Buy-In

Get ideas accepted and decisions made without endless back-and-forth

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Timeless public speaking techniques, lessons customised to your role

Our public speaking communication courses can be tweaked and adapted based on your role for skills you can apply at work almost immediately

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Technical Professionals

Engineers, IT Professionals, Scientists that struggle to communicate complex information in speech

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Sales reps & Front-liners

Executives that want to build confidence when speaking to customers and prospects

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Corporate Executives

Leaders that want to lead with gravitas and communicate more persuasively when the stakes are high

Equip your team with effective, proven communication skills

Learn the fundamentals of Public Speaking to get over those pre-showtime jitters and conquer your fears to shine on stage and make it look easy.


We’ll cover speaking basics and even advance tips to enhance your next talk or speech.

Conquer Stage Fright & Unlock Your Charisma

You’ll learn how to deal with nerves and take advantage of it to connect on a deeper level with your audience. We’ll teach you how to rehearse, use power poses and calm your mind before you hit the big stage.

Master Body Language of Confident Speakers

Learn how to use gestures and powerful stances to boost your persuasiveness on stage during your presentation delivery. The course also tackles how to use facial expressions and big actions to capture attention.

Control Your Voice and Speaking Language

Learn the right way to pronounce words and use your voice to your advantage. Use various voice techniques like pauses, tone and volume to ensure your messages are received in the best way.

Your Trainer

Paul Falzon,
Public Speaking Trainer


Based in Singapore, Paul has over 20 year’s experience in education and training and eight years’ experience teaching public speaking subjects at one of the world’s top ten communication schools. As a trainer, Paul specialises in soft skills courses, such as Persuasive Speaking and Enhancing Innovation in the workplace. Clients include: BP, Barclays, Shell, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, California Fitness and more.

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Course Description

Plenty of speakers struggle with maintaining their composure on stage, telling a coherent story and effectively engaging with audiences.

Our programme helps anxious presenters overcome their fears by understanding and practicing the skills and processes that deliver compelling communication.

‘Powerful Public Speaking’ is a public speaking class allow participants to learn through experience.

The workshop helps participants build awareness employed by ‘best-in-class’ proponents with takeaways such as:
  • Incorporating powerful pauses and stances for persuasiveness
  • Perfecting your tone of speaking to sound more confident and clear
  • The common pitfalls in public speaking to avoid
  • The art and importance of storytelling to influence
  • Adapting techniques to win in a virtual world of communication

Learning Outcomes

  • Simplify speech to speak more succinctly and engage audiences
  • Become comfortable with your body to ensure you look confident and communicate effortlessly
  • Articulate challenging English words accurately and pronounce consistently
  • Identify key messages in your presentation.
  • Develop a presentation that leads to a desired action from the audience.
  • Enhancing your stage presence and effective gesturing
  • Applying public speaking techniques to your role (technical/sales/management) for best results
“Paul has been a great help nailing down both the broader concepts and outlines for a communication strategy for Co-Opts. His patience and insights have helped distil a very difficult and slippery concept into easily communicable and tractable bites.”


“Paul reminded me that I am the expert of my content and encouraged me to integrate my personality into the speech. My ultimate goal was to connect with my audience, deliver my message with authenticity and make a difference to them. And I did it!”


“The instructor himself demonstrated the good practices of public speaking at all times, even during the more theoretical presentations. He’s also personal and approachable. So the whole course is actually like watching a live demo of good public speaking.”


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Who can benefit from public speaking training?

If you need to persuade people and look confident in challenging situations, you can benefit from attending a public speaking course. This means that training can be suitable for a variety of roles that interact with people.

What can I expect to learn in a public speaking course?

Every effective public speaking instructor teaches a variety of techniques that cover three pillars: body language, tonality and pace in speaking as well as dealing with the psychological challenges that come with speaking to a crowd. Depending on what your biggest struggles are, you can improve with the help of an experienced coach.

 Will training work if I have a fear of speaking?

The fear of public speaking is largely psychological and at times stem from low self-esteem or purely a lack of practice. Our trainers are patient and adept at identifying the root causes and use exercises to help you grow more confident with each new word, gesture and step. It’s almost like strengthening a muscle you never knew was there!

Is public speaking useful if I present on video (e.g. Zoom)?

If you regular speak over video conference to prospects or internal stakeholders, techniques learned can be tweaked for video too. Areas such as pacing and tone as well as (upper) body language as well as maintaining eye contact can be very useful to appear confident and communicate clearly.

Can I learn public speaking virtually?

Our trainers are well-versed in teaching over popular platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, leveraging technology like iPad whiteboards, Miro and more to make learning interactive and at times even more engaging than live sessions.

What if I need specific help with my issues?

Our programs are partially customised to meet client needs. However, if you find challenges that require focused help, we highly recommend considering working with our instructors for one-to-one coaching.