Use Stories To Sell Better In The New Normal

Story-based sales training for executives to stand out and win business


Sell without being ‘Salesy’


Grow social sales organically


Obtain right mindset to sell

Venture Fundraising

Convince Investors

Turn skeptical investors into converts that open their chequebooks.

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Internal Pitches

Win Internal Buy-In

Get ideas accepted and decisions made without endless back-and-forth

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Great sales people: nature or nurture?

According to Forbes magazine, 55% of salespeople lack basic sales skills. This is not only limited to non-sales personnel. Most still struggle with basic skills like handle rejection, identifying and qualifying customer profiles and preparing for sales presentations. In our evolving socially-distanced world, being able to sell and remain relevant is highly valued.

Venture Fundraising

Convince Investors

Turn skeptical investors into converts that open their chequebooks.

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Internal Pitches

Win Internal Buy-In

Get ideas accepted and decisions made without endless back-and-forth

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The best salespeople tell stories, regardless of role

Our story-based sales courses help teams leverage the way humans tick to boost sales performance by communicating persuasively. These are skills not exclusive only to sales professionals.

Technical Consultants

Non-sales trained consultants that need to sell technical solutions that may be hard to explain

New Sales Teams

Executives looking to upgrade their training to move away from hard-selling techniques in competitive markets

Customer Service

Given the best opportunity to prime prospects for a sale, customer service can be taught to adopt a sales mindset

The new way of selling, regardless of your product

Pushing features and order-taking are becoming less relevant in our socially distanced world. Learn modern story-selling skills to captivate a new breed of customers.

Connect authentically

Overcome barriers in building trust by establishing genuine rapport and building a connection, regardless of prospect personality.

Master non-pushy conversation skills to close

Not sure what to say without scaring prospects away? We’ll share proven scripts and sequences that guides prospects to buy without shoving offers down their throat.

Sell on social with little to no marketing spend

Not yet built a brand that attracts customers on social media like Linkedin? Enter Social Selling. Learn how to develop a magnetic profile with outreach that brings in clients.

Course Description

The old model of sales where we inundate prospects with cold emails and brochures in the hopes they buy is starting to become irrelevant.

Customers seek a connection in a socially-distanced world and want to buy from people they trust.

“Sell With Stories” is a story-based selling course that equips sales teams with modern mindsets and skills to build rapport, pave the way for referral business and develop a strong digital social selling presence.

The workshop helps participants enhance their existing approach to sales:
  • Adopt the mindset of a top sales performer

  • Audit your current sales process and approach to prospects

  • Differentiation strategies to cut through the noise and stand out among competition

  • Proven pitching techniques that have secured million-dollar business

  • Going social: leveraging Linkedin to develop qualified prospects that want to buy

Learning Outcomes

  • Confidently pre-empt and handle objections before they surface

  • Leverage digital tools to sell as or more effectively virtually than physically

  • Develop conversations for high-ticket sales that are less focused on price

  • Adopting an ‘always on’ sales mindset that keeps opportunities coming through the door

  • Apply storytelling techniques to more effectively convince and close clients

  • Develop a magnetic Linkedin profile to generate new opportunities

  • Build an influential identity to stand out in a sea of competition

“We are a B2B company and have really enjoyed sales training and guides provided by Highspark. The strategic messages we learned to create for our target audience will increase sales. Their research on our firm helped us plug a million-dollar leak.”


“ I had no proper sales process. The coaching has helped me
close a $15,000 PR project in my first month and a half with them. The scripts, the thought process just clicked and they guided me throughout. They are damn good!”



“ I’ve managed to hit my Q4 2020 goals in just the first month (>$75,000) though only starting the business during CoVid. They helped shape my story for sales in ways I couldn’t do on my own.”



Arrange a story-selling workshop

Connect with customers, win more business

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Who can benefit from sales training?

If you need to persuade people and fulfil targets without being pushy, you can benefit from attending a sales storytelling course. This means that training can be suitable for a variety of roles that interact with people but also need to sell products or services.

What can I expect to learn in a sales training course?

Every effective sales person has in their ‘utility belt’ a mix bag of soft-skills and know-how to generate pipeline and convert more clients. We focus on teaching the nuanced aspects of persuasion using story as well as strategies to pitch for high-ticket work. Attendees can also benefit from learning how to sell on social platforms like Linkedin when socially distanced.

 Will training work if I am an introvert?

Some of the best performing sales people are introverted and shy.  Other communication channels that work well but are most often overlooked include emails and texts which are more commonplace in today’s era. We cover some techniques to use these channels to build rapport and convert clients too in tandem with calls and live meetings.

Is sales training useful if I present on video (e.g. Zoom)?

If you regular speak over video conference to prospects techniques learned can be tweaked for video too. We teach you how to conduct effective discovery calls and leverage digital applications to facilitate an effective sales process.

Can I learn sales techniques virtually?

Our trainers are well-versed in teaching over popular platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, leveraging technology like iPad whiteboards, Miro and more to make learning interactive and at times even more engaging than live sessions.

What if I need specific help with my issues?

Our programs are partially customised to meet client needs. However, if you find challenges that require focused help, we highly recommend considering working with our instructors for one-to-one coaching.